STOKE, by the late win in the lead in the First Division of The County of scatters of points

NAC Breda is the new front-runner in the Kitchen, the Champion of a Division. The team of coach Ruud Brood has won in the last minute with a 0 to 1 at the TOP, Oss, the netherlands, as a competitor for The Earldom of points left for Roda JC: 1-to-1.

STOKE appeared to be in a tie heading at the TOP, Sac it, but deep in stoppage time gave Andrija Filipovic, the visitors to the win. Due to the victory of the Bredanaars’s eight-race, one point ahead of number two in the charts, the SC Cambuur, and number three in The County.

The Graafscap came on against Everton after a twenty-minute lead through a goal scored by Javier Bold. Midway through the second half, and created the Ike Ugbo for the second half.

At half-time in the south of the netherlands, the Mexican investor, Mauricio Garcia de la Vega, by the supporters of the Site from Parkstad Limburg Stadium and away. On the pictures you can see that the proposed owner is pushed out, without anyone intervening. And when Garcia de la Vega is located outside of the stadium can be reached, the police intervened.

Cambuur pulled out with a 0-4 win at FC Volendam, that is, from the late eighteenth minute with ten men and played with by a red card to Marco with a cost. Robert Mühren with three goals, including one off a penalty kick, and a share of the lead. The attacker also missed a penalty. Jamie Jacobs also created the opening goal, on behalf of the pediments and the Friezes.

Robert Mühren had three hits, had an important share in the victory of Cambuur. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Excelsior climb to the fourth place

Excelsior climbs, thanks to a 5-2-thuiszege to hekkensluiter Jong PSV eindhoven into fourth place, three points behind STOKE. Jeffry Fortes and Stijn Meijer scored two more times before the Kralingers and Dogucan Haspolat found the net. The Locals were Robin Lauwers, Cyril Ngonge is accurate.

At the Goffertstadion were the NEC and Go Ahead Eagles it is a spectacle of it: 3-3. The Deventenaren, which led soon after to rest, thanks to two goals from Martijn Berden, and one is hit by Maecky Ngombo. Then came the Nijmegenaren through the goals of étienne and roanne Velikonja and Zian Fleming’s (tonight) still has a point.

With Ajax, FC Eindhoven, Almere City FC, came out to gain, and all have a five-point deficit at the NAC. The Locals won the match thanks to two goals from Lassina Traoré with 1 to 4 in the EFV, Eindhoven, the netherlands was a 4-1 is too strong for Telstar, and the Flevolanders knokten with a 3-2 pass to FC Dordrecht in the netherlands.

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