“Still not accept the accession of Albania and Northern Macedonia to the EU

Heads of government of the European Union, on the night of Thursday to Friday during the EU summit has not yet been able to reach an agreement on opening of accession negotiations with Albania and Northern Greece. That is reported by the Volkskrant on Friday.

The EU leaders have been up to late at night, in consultation with and with the same results. It is still unknown as to whether there is, on the second day of the summit is talk about the accession of the two Countries. Prime minister Mark Rutte said that in the case of the next EU summit, again, it will come out.

Last year it called on the European Commission to open accession negotiations. As for the countries of the Balkans join the EU, wanted to merge, they would have to have more meters in the area of corruption and crime.

The majority of the member states of the EU is open to negotiations, but in the Netherlands it works against them. According to de Volkskrant, the Netherlands would, at the result of Thursday to Friday as I will have to negotiate with the North of France. The netherlands believes that countries still need to work on corruption and crime.

In france, for example, to the accession of both to the North of Macedonia and Albania. Also Denmark and Spain have been at the start of the negotiations with the Countries of the region.

In france, it is of the opinion that the Brexit is too much time will be needed to work with the needs of other countries as well. Below can be found in Germany, however, is that both of the Countries of the region are well suited for negotiations.

In addition, Albania and Northern Macedonia, like Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Kosovo to join the european union. Serbia and Montenegro have been involved in the negotiations.


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