“Still, no laptopverbod on all flights to the US from Europe

“Still, no laptopverbod on all flights to the US from Europe

After the USA said a total of laptopverbod on all flights to the country to consider, which would measure, in any case, Europe is now of the job.

“No ban”, says an anonymous insider compared to Politico. “Both sides agreed to a technical consultation and to carry out a joint solution to think of.”

The Us secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said last Sunday that the U.S. was considering for laptops to prohibit in the aircraft cabins of all flights from and to the USA. NOW applies such a ban only for some Islamic countries, for fear of explosives in laptops and other devices larger than a smartphone could clog.

Kelly made the decision a week after such a laptopverbod in consultation between officials of the United States and the European Union all of the table would be swept. Tuesday was Kelly a telephone conversation with the European Commissioner for Home Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos and European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc.


The US does not want to openly discuss what happened during the conversation was discussed. According to a source from Politico, the U.S. would again take into account European concerns about the transport of all devices with the battery in the hold of aircraft.

The EU is reluctant to fire hazard the lithium batteries in laptops. When in the hold fire to fly, the crew members there, according to Europe during a flight. That risk weighs according to the EU against the preventive removal of all the laptops.

Also, a laptopverbod a lot of cost extra money, and the waiting times at luggage check at the airports sharply increase. Laptops of passengers would then be recovered and have to be packed for relocation to the cargo hold.

Although the ban is now of the table seems to be, that would be the basis of future information may change yet again, says another source of Politico.

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