Stew is a typical herfstmaaltijd, this is how you make it

A pot is a good piece for the fall season. It is very easy to do and it’s quite a challenge to get it to fail. Kookboekenauteur and foodstylist by Janneke Philippi, shares her tips on how to create a delicious stew.

“For stew, make your food, slow-cooked in a sealed pot with a good amount of moisture as it cooks,” says Philippi, the author of, among others, Rushed – at Janet’s home.

For a stew you don’t need it, but the combination of ingredients that have been in the pot to sit in, it makes the dish very tasty.”

The broth, the wine, the beer, tomato sauce, or coconut milk

For a classic stew that is meat with lots of connective tissue, are used. That is, the less tender parts of the animal. The face, arm, or neck, for example. These are the parts that have a lot of work and because of that a lot of the muscles they contain. Philippi: “the steam dissolves the connective tissue and makes the meat wonderfully tender.”

If the liquid can be broth, or wine, or beer, tomato paste, coconut milk, and. Or a combination of these. “It is very important that you drink enough water in the pan is sitting,” explains Philippi from it. “The meat should be covered, and it is, therefore, not just about cooking.”

Steam – a step-by-step

  • Fry the meat, seafood and/or vegetable short –
  • Do be careful of liquid (broth, wine, beer, sauce) on
  • Add any seasonings (herbs and spices) with
  • Put the lid on the pan and make it cook in
  • Put the saucepan (with a lid!) at an early stage
  • Stir and check regularly that there is enough fluid in the pan is

She is an advisor to this on a regular basis to check out, and you’ll have save for the occasional stir, a little attention to a beef stew. “As for the cover, for example, does not close properly, it will be, and what fluid to add. Since the water is evaporating, you can take the pot, just add water. That does not necessarily need to be the same fluid that was used.”

Have a casserole in the oven

Depending on the type of oven, the pan can be a quite a while now in the fire. “A lot of the meat for a few hours. Chicken, fish, and vegetables, a lot less time to complete.”

For the lazy cook, set the stew – like, the pan is suitable for oven to 150 degrees celsius in the oven. “Then you don’t have to pan it less to keep an eye on. The temperature in the oven is more even. However, be sure to every hour to see if there’s enough moisture in the pan there.”

“Stew is really very good,” says Philippi. “It would take very little effort in the kitchen, you just need to have some patience. In a pot, it is also very, very thankful to be a child. The frying pan is on fire, and you can go back to the table.”

Hard vegetables, such as parsnips or carrots, and is suitable for use in a stew. (Image: 123RF)

Also, chicken, fish, and vegetables, you can steam

Steam can also do this with products other than beef and veal. Think chicken, fish, or vegetables. “A fish stew, such as cod or salmon, may, at any time. And it’s also a groentestoofpot did not take long,” said Philippi. “If you run out of recipe to cook, it’s just a matter of practice and regular tests.”

In visstoof does to Philippi itself, like the slices of parsnips, or sliced fennel. “The harder vegetables, such as carrots or pumpkin, is an ideal place to meat that should be rushed. A ui all the time.”

It In a vegetarian stew, it is good to have boiled eggs with it to the stew, give them a tip. “You can add them at the last. Potatoes or small new potatoes in just about any stew. To add to this, the last half-hour of the time.”

What you eat as you continue to round? “It can really be anything: rice, pasta, bread, couscous, cereals,” says Philippi. “In the mediterranean kipstoof is the couscous is delicious, pasta at an Italian runderstoof, to stew, bread, or rice.”

A casserole is also an excellent way to use leftovers is to process is called Philippi to the final. “Also, scraps of meat, poultry or fish,” she said. “Or do both. A runderstoof with shrimp, for example, or a visstoof with smoked bacon. The features of a pot are truly endless.”

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