Stevie Nicks and LeAnn Rimes sharing heartbreak in ‘Borrowed’ duet

Stevie Nicks joins LeAnn Rimes for her song “Borrowed.”


Stevie Nicks called on her living room floor when they first saw LeAnn Rimes perform “Borrowed” on her TV in 2013.

The song, about an intimate but short-lived romance between Rimes and her lover, came out on Rimes’ “Spitfire” album, as Nicks was overwhelmed. The Fleetwood Mac singer knew then that she wanted to sing with Rimes in a day.

“It was very easy for me to try to be in the same sad, deep, tragic, passionate place where she was when she wrote that song because I’ve been there. I lived already for a long time,” Nick said in an interview with The Associated Press from Mexico, where she was on vacation.

Nicks heard from a mutual friend and producer Darrell Brown, who wrote “Borrowed” that Rimes was planning to do a touch-up a number of her hits for her “Re-Imagined” EP, and they jumped at the chance to record a duet version with Rimes.

“To another artist that is very kind of you on so many levels in that authenticity and in that space is really magical,” said Rimes.

The new version, released in the last month, balances of Nicks’ soft croon to Rimes’ remarkable voice. As in the previous version, a cool and fading steel guitar compliments the rhythmic melody and soothing percussion.

Although Nicks is singing and recording long before Rimes was on the scene, and she said working with her when it comes to the singing of the college.

“She doesn’t brush over everything,” said the 70-year-old Nicks. “You really need to every word with her, otherwise it will not be a good duet, because then they leave you in the dust.”

Rimes, 35, was a star as a teenager and started with hits such as ‘Blue’, ‘How should I Live” and “Can’t Fight the Moonlight.” They won the award for best new artist Grammy at age 14.

Both singers come from different musical backgrounds. Nicks is a rock ‘n’ roll tycoon of Phoenix and Rimes has country roots in Texas, but their voice in thinking about a shared passion where heartbreak is not bound by place, time, or genre.

Rimes said she came up with the idea for the song during an emotionally disturbing moment in the plane when she noticed someone reading a newspaper, magazine, with her on the cover. She began to cry when the strange man came to her comfort.

“I honestly feel that the man was an angel,” she said. “Some things came to me at that time and I remember thinking that the title (“Borrowed”) to myself.”

The first line of the song came to Rimes: “I know that you are not mine. Only borrowed.” From there, they took it to the studio, where they worked out and the rest of the melody.

“It is a very honest, authentic moment and capture a piece of me that I really did not know that they existed until I wrote this song,” said Rimes.

Rimes is currently on a summer tour, and Nicks is hitting road with Fleetwood Mac in the fall. Both singers said they hope to perform the song together one day.

“I would love to do a record with LeAnn,” said Nicks. “I hope that for some reason we go on stage and sing this song together.”

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