Sterrenzaak of Luc Bellings close the doors

Chef Luc Bellings (52) close this summer the doors of his restaurant ‘At the Table at Luc Bellings in Hasselt, already for many years by the Michelin acclaimed with two stars.

Sterrenzaak of Luc Bellings close the doors © Luc Bellings

The chef wants to focus on a new, smaller case. Bellings feel to say that it is time to themselves, “what more quality of life award”, so message The Latest News.

The top chef has suffered from back pain, and the stress was often too much. “I feel in my body that it is time. The peak days, I come not without pain killers for my back. It’s a tough craft and the stress also eats away at a human being”, he says. Also the labour costs play indirectly, says Bellings.


“With two male staff and twenty plates in a day I love as much as a large sterrenzaak to leave bulbs in the weekend, twelve men in the service. Then you start once to think. One skilled guest costs me annually to 50,000 euros. In itself, I think it no disaster to have such amounts to pay, but the youth is no longer as disciplined as they used to.” ‘

‘At the Table at Luc Bellings’ close this summer the doors. The new case comes up again in Hasselt, and is a more modest, with a smaller map and a more limited opening hours. What exactly it is, is also Bellings itself is not yet completely clear. “I hope my two great passions – cooking and cycling – combined.

And I will be with the same top-quality products continue to work. After dozens of years at the highest level I can not now all of a sudden in a mosselkot, tsk”, sounds the. (Belga)

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