Stella McCartney flight path after collision

Stella McCartney flight path after collision

Photo: Wenn

After a collision in London with Stella McCartney on the back of a taxi stops, the fashion designer moved without her information behind.

The driver of the taxi, picked up after his car was hit his phone and began the incident to filming. Subsequent would be the daughter of Beatle Paul in a panic hit and have left. Arash Nabezadeh explained to The Sun that he and Stella are not filmed because of her celebrity. “I didn’t even know that she was known until my passengers me that told.”

Arash gave chase and knew Stella to speak at a school, where the designer first and foremost, security guards told the taxi driver her troubled. Finally reached Stella the song of Arash, and has her husband him be referred to their insurance company.

A spokesman for the fashion designer explained to the newspaper that the incident to a misunderstanding. “Ms McCartney thought that the driver, a claim could submit on the basis of its registration number that he had listed. She thought she just acted and got in panic when the driver of her continued filming.”

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