Stella McCartney and UN launch charter: the Fashion industry should work together on targeted klimaatacties’

Some of the big players in the international fashion world and well-known brands, including Burberry and H&M, during the UN conference on climate COP24 promised to take action against the global warming.

The fashion industry has a negative impact on our climate. A new UN charter would change that. © istock

In Katowice have forty-three fashion brands and companies committed to their imprint on the climate is to reduce. They have signed a charter where they will have a reduction of thirty percent of greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030 promise. The industry is also committed to by 2050, carbon-neutral. That she wants to obtain by the decarboniseren of its production, to choose for sustainable and ecological materials, low carbon transport and other measures.

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One of the initiators of the declaration is British fashion designer Stella McCartney. “We can no longer run away. Everyone must take action if we have a positive change and want to see’, says McCartney in a conversation with Business of Fashion. “The charter is necessary, because it is time that not only I and other small players in the fashion climate on the agenda. We need leaders, who can influence legislation.’


We need leaders, who can influence legislation.

Stella McCartney

Including Adidas, Burberry, Esprit, Guess, Gap, Hugo Boss, H&M Group, Inditex, Barrier Group, Levi Strauss & Co and Puma have signed the charter. McCartney hopes that the promises will ensure a better cooperation and investing money in sustainable developments. “We must as an industry our portfolio, let it speak.’

Sincere commitment

Not only modespelers signed the charter, the ngo WWF International is committed. Brands that have no signature, can at a later time, still sign up. The United Nations hope, of course, that not all promises will remain. Therefore, working groups have been established that will watch on what steps should be taken by the industry. Because of empty promises has the climate, nothing.


Brands that have no signature, can at a later time, still sign up.

“I love the term “sustainability”, but I fear that not enough people know what it means”, let Stella McCartney record. “Full transparency is very important in this respect. And we should all strive to be.’ Thus, it is to be hoped that all brands and companies that the declaration of support for a hundred percent commitment in the future.

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