Steering in fog, then by Slutsky, and it stops as an assistant coach at Sprint

Edward, the Control system stops to work as an assistant manager of a Sprint. The 56-year-old clubicoon I no longer wish to work together with the Russian head coach Leonid Slutsky.

Control can be retained for Short. He will be working as a scout and coach for the youth coaches.

“It’s no secret that, unfortunately, there is no right it was,” says the Guidance, which has only had one season, and the right hand side of the Slutsky was made on Friday at the site of the Short.

“The most important thing for me is that I can be of value to the club. That is why I am pleased that we have found a solution that is best for all of us. I am, of course committed, in my new role.”

Better to be honest to each other

Technical director Mo Allach in march, after a short trip to Maccabi Haifa to return to Vitesse, is pleased to announce that the Guidance will not be lost to the club.

“We have been in Edward’s voice, and have been very happy with the new development of his or her position. If the cooperation has not been what everyone had hoped for, then it is better to be honest to each other and to make choices.”

“We want to be a clubicoon, as with Edward, to the club covenants. That is why we are very happy that he is going to participate in the scouting and football academy.”

Control system has played most of his career in the Short – (between 1987 and 1998, and went on to work in a variety of roles, including between 2003 and 2006 as head coach, with the people from arnhem.

Slutsky will get next season, no fewer than five councillors. Next to Him Yarovinskiy, But the Garden, and Raimond van der Gouw to take Alexey and Vasily Berezutskiy, place it on the bench. The two brothers, after a training period of six months.

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