States US refuse to co-operate to investigation voter fraud

States US refuse to co-operate to investigation voter fraud

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Nearly all of the American states reject partly or fully to cooperate in the research into alleged voter fraud by president Donald Trump.

Research by CNN found that 44 states have refused to partial or full information about voters to the commission on behalf of the White House investigation into the alleged voter fraud.

Trump called the commission, which is headed by vice-president Mike Pence, in may in life. The Republican billionaire claims that the presidential elections in november, millions of votes illegally would be released. Evidence for this has Trump never given.

Great American media who were investigating the claim, stating that there is no evidence that the utterances of the president is found. These conclusions are confirmed by high government officials that oversee held on the elections. They suggested that the fraud rate between the 0,00004 and 0,00009% lag.

Perschef Trump repeat not-substantiated claim about voter fraud

Legal basis

Trump won the elections in november because he is the most electors are able to bind. His Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton received three million votes more. Since his inauguration continues to Trump in speeches and Twitter posts but coming back to the fact that he more votes would have been Clinton. It would, according to Trump going to be millions of votes from deceased people and illegal immigrants.

The commission of Trump in may sent a letter to the responsible kiescommissies in all fifty states. The states that are partly or completely refuse to cooperate with the investigation, the legal basis for the investigation of voter fraud is in doubt.

Not public

The commission has in the states lists requested from all the voters, their addresses, their dates of birth, political preferences, their social security number, their choices in elections since 2006 and their possible convictions in the past. In many states, is a part of this information is not accessible to the public.

In addition, the many states are also against the breast that all digital information must be provided. CNN has for the research all of the states approached. Four of the states had Tuesday night still no response. Six states still have no request received from the commission of Trump, but four of these states provide in advance to not to want to work on the investigation of the alleged fraud.


Only three states, Colorado, Missouri, and Tennessee, have the commission all the information requested.

Trump himself responded Saturday on Twitter annoyed at the fact that so many states not to cooperate with his investigation. “The states do not help in the investigation of the terrible voter fraud”, he said. “What they try to hide?”

Numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished VOTER FRAUD PANEL. What are they trying to hide?


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