Startup makes drones with machine guns for the Israeli army

Startup makes drones with machine guns for the Israeli army

Photo: Duke Robotics

The American startup Duke Robotics builds small drones equipped with different weapons, which are sold to the Israeli army.

That tells the founder of the company to defensieblog Defense One. The TIKAD-drones would also be offered in the U.s. army. It is unclear whether this authority they will purchase.

The TIKAD is equipped with, among other machine guns and grenade launchers. The startup uses drones similar to consumentendrones, on top of multiple rotors on a single spot in the air to linger.

The current model of the TIKAD is controlled remotely by a human. This allows a soldier to participate in a fight without risk of death.

The drones are equipped with special dampers that ensure that the impact of shots, the machine will not disrupt. The weapons can do this multiple shots on the same target firing.

Rocket fire

Worldwide, drones are already longer by military authorities, but this usually involves automated aircraft missile strikes run. Duke Robotics ensures that drones closer to the ground could also be used.

The police in the American Dallas in 2016 a custom bomrobot to a shooter off. Earlier this year, turned out consumentendrones to use as bombers.

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