‘Star Wars’ Mark Hamill remembers, ” such as teenagers with Carrie Fisher

This photo provided by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment shows, Mark Hamill, left to right, as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa, and Harrison Ford as Hans Solo in the original 1977 “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.” The four-day Star Wars Celebration kicks off on Thursday 13 April 2017 in Orlando, Fla., the marking of the 40th anniversary of Lucas’ space saga. (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment via AP)

If Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker return to the big screen in ” Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Mark Hamill refelcted on his days working with his former co-star and on-screen love, Carrie Fisher.

“Carrie and I were attracted to one another, but I knew from previous jobs that it would be a bad idea,” Hamill told the Guardian in a new interview. “But Carrie and I found excuses. I remember a time – I’m sure alcohol was involved – we were talking about kissing techniques. I said, ” Well, I think I’m a reasonably good kisser. I want the women come to me, instead of aggressive.’ And she said, ” What do you mean?” Well, next thing you know we’re like teenagers.”

And just as the fans had imagined, Hamill admitted that he and Fisher really come together on the “Star Wars” set.

“We were all over each other!” he said. “But one thing that caught Carrie and me back from the abyss was that we kind of become aware of what we were doing and I burst out laughing. That was a shame for me, because the rocket launch sequence.”

But after exploring their physical attraction, the two grew to be extremely fond of each other. Their days on the set led to a lifelong friendship.

“I was not her best friend — she had so many friends and I go to parties with her and that I would be the only one there I’ve never heard of it. But there was a level of comfort that we had achieved, because she knew that I don’t ever fish for a favor or try to get her to introduce me to this agent or of the director. We were like real brothers and sisters over the years,” he explained.

Fisher died suddenly, just before her famous mother, Debbie Reynolds, on a flight from London, two days after Christmas. Fisher’s death influenced “Star Wars” fans all over the world, but her accidental death was incredibly difficult for friends and family in the near of the iconic actress, especially Hamill.

“It’s devastating and I still haven’t come to terms with it,” he said. “Gosh darn it, I still think of her in the present tense, you know? If they were here now, she would be behind you so that you have bunny ears and me the middle finger, because she was all about having fun all the time. When I was on set, I would go straight to her trailer with my dog and hang out with her and her dog.”

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” opened in theaters Friday.

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