Stanley Burleson didn’t have the right ‘ yes ‘for the role in the Queen musical”

Stanley Burleson, who from now will be like, the villain, Khashoggi in the Queen musical “We Will Rock You”, did not say immediately ‘ yes ‘ to the role of the bad guy.

“I have to take the time to assess whether or not a musical, well-connected,” explained the 53-year-old resident of Krommenie, the netherlands, from. “It does not matter to me, or a musical production, big or small it is, but it’s the script and the music have to be right.”

As a musical, it must also be in its agenda, is going to be the a winner of four of the Musical comedy Awards and continue to. “Today, I avoided as much as possible of the adoption of the musicalrollen as it can be for long-term productions that are going to. I want to spend time keeping in my work as a choreographer and director.”

We Will Rock You, everything fell into place for the musicalacteur with over thirty years of experience in, among other things, Cats, and Les Misérables. This production runs from just a few weeks into the show. In addition, it told the producer, for me that’s a big part of the crew, from Italy, and the creation, therefore, is in Rome. So when I heard that, “I said immediately,” yes.” On a previous visit to the city, but I discovered just how much there is to do and see. And then I realized I was once, for a few months in Rome, and would like to stay there.”

‘Freddie Mercury and me, as Kashoggi as well as be replace

The plot of We Will Rock You is set in a futuristic era and all musical instruments are banned, as is live music, but the youth rebels against the all-powerful company that has their own musical lives.

The young people were rebelling against the compulsory diet of the digitally produced pop music that they required to do so. Burleson will see Freddie Mercury, the late lead singer of Queen, in themselves, play a part in the musical, featuring more than twenty songs by Queen.

“There is no doubt would be Freddie to me as a villain, Khashoggi can be replaced, and there are also a lot of fun doing so. However, I think the world of him, in terms of type, more suitable for the heldenrol of Galileo Figaro. Just as it is in Mercury, a renegade who leads a breakthrough.”

The Singer Anastacia. (Photo: Bruno Press)

We Will Rock You” is not Shakespeare’s

Main character, Anastacia sold in the tens of millions of albums, and already has years of experience in the field. In 2005, the performer of the hit single’I’m Outta Love”, along with the rock band Queen, and still she performs songs from their repertoire. If musicalacteur, she has no experience with.

Burleson provides, you don’t have any problems. “Let’s face it: We Will Rock You” is not Shakespeare’s. It is a jukeboxmusical, based on the hits and recognition. Just as Mamma Mia! this is the music of ABBA. If you like Anastacia, many years of experience in the music, you can have a look at it.”

Burleson, and Anastacia have in each other, not in the living bodies met, however, the singer has been known to virtually make their voices heard. “They took me to a movie, send them to me, welcome to the cast”, will give Burleson a price. “The rehearsals will begin in October, and then we shall meet in the city of Rome.”

‘Anastacia, keep in your bag of tricks close

Burleson has been known as a haven for Anastacia. “I was supposed to be her advice to her bag of tricks closed. Each and every artist, and I, too, can build up an arsenal of slimmigheden, which is always available as is a version a little less smooth-running.”

“I’m going to, for example, “octaveren in the gilregister’, an octave higher to sing it when I feel that I have a number in it. But in my bag of tricks I keep for as long as you are close. Therefore, I always have it in a cool way, in a new production, and allow myself the opportunity to learn from others and continue to grow.”

Stanley Burleson, with Pia Douwes, in the musical ” Elisabeth. (Photo: Bruno Press)

Pia Douwes and Simone Kleinsma have been triple threats

After more than thirty years in the musicalvak know Burleson and what he can do as a musicalacteur. “My greatest strength lies in the fact that I was able to sing, dance and act. And I don’t mean your average musicalacteur, that is, in two out of the three groups is very good. I can do all of this at a very high level. That’s what they called it in musicaljargon is a Triple Threat, a triple threat. There are a few people who have been able to tell. Pia Douwes and Simone Kleinsma pair of scissors I have in that category.”

Burleson believes that there is for his role in We Will Rock You, as much of appeal in his danskwaliteiten will have to be done. That is why he is also the co-workers role be able to fill it out.

“I see, I see, for instance, René van Kooten, my character Khashoggi is a beautiful life. He has acted well, has a great voice, and is in no way the type. The latter is true only in part, for me, at home, on the couch, I’m such a sweet boy.”

We Will Rock You ” is from the 6th of december, to be held in the Netherlands.

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