Stamp makes plastic around organic fruit and vegetables unnecessary

The Dutch company Nature & More will work together with the Swedish supermarket chain ICA organic vegetable and fruit brands through natural branding. This stamp will be the plastic packaging replaced which organic vegetables from ordinary are distinguishable.


Natural branding is a biological variant on the marking with laser light. The first organic products with natural branding are sold, are avocados and sweet potatoes. The avocados deliver a saving of at least 725.000 plasticverpakkingen. With more products and customers will this figure still greatly increase.

Plastic wrap

Organic avocados in the supermarket are almost always packed in plastic foil, because they are distinguishable from non-organic avocados which are sold separately.

The supermarket wants to avoid that organic avocados are settled as common, because of the price difference. The same applies for sweet potatoes, apples, and many other organic products.

With natural branding is just what the pigment is removed from the outer layer of the skin. It does not affect the taste or the shelf life of your product.

Sustainable process

“The most sustainable form of packaging is not packaging,” says Paul Hendriks, verpakkingsexpert at Nature & More. “But in practice this is difficult to achieve. With natural branding is now a logical option. We are pleased that ICA as a leader for its sustainable journey with us. The green consumers will be happy, because research has consistently shown that they have very negative thinking about plasticverpakkingen.”

Nature & More expect a lot of plastic and energy-saving with natural branding. The distributor of organic vegetables and fruit sold in 2015 725.380 packets of avocado to ICA. This was 217 kilometres plasticfilm used with a width of 30 inches, good for 2042 kilograms of plastic. “CO2 is measured, this comes down to a drive of 1.3 times for the world,” says Hendriks. (IPS/KS)

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