‘Staff shortages in mental health care leads to fatal incidents’

In mental health have fatal incidents occurred in a number of cases, the lack of personnel. This study shows that the Health care Inspectorate and Youth (IGJ), at the request of the newspaper Trouw and weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer.

The inspection examined the relationship between staff shortages and ‘calamities’ in mental health clinics.

In almost half of the examined incidents, that have occurred in the past year and a half, and played shortage of personnel a role. In 20 percent of the cases was the shortage of workers, the ‘root cause’ and in a quarter, the labor shortage a ‘major role’. In 20 percent of the cases, it was a deficit the ‘root cause’, at a quarter played a ‘prominent role’, writes Trouw.

In how many cases a lack of personnel has led to death, can the inspection according to the newspaper does not say. But that there are for that reason of deaths, confirms the IGJ. An accident with a fatal outcome may, for example, suicide, fire, medication errors or a geweldincident.

In addition to the number of people in the workplace is by the IGJ also looked at factors related to staff shortages. “It is never only the fact that too few people are. Then that the staff, for example, still is not properly trained or inexperienced, so the signals of aggressiveness or an approaching suicide missing,” says superintendent Korrie Louwes in the Faith.

Association MENTAL health acknowledge the problem

Sector organization GGZ Nederland acknowledges the problem. “Our members are facing huge staff shortages. As a trade association read we all for a long time sounding the alarm.” However, close GGZ Nederland (the words of Louwes that there are always multiple causes of an accident.

GGZ, the Netherlands let us know that arrangements have been made to allow more people to be allowed to train. “This will set us on the long-term help. For now resolves the personnel problems are not on and we need to find solutions in eHealth and reduction of the administrative burden.”

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