‘Stability during weight loss would be most effective in the long term’

‘Stability during weight loss would be most effective in the long term’

People who a week a equal small amount of weight loss would in the long run slimmer than people who in the first weeks of the weight loss program to significant weight loss.

According to research from the Drexel University Monday in Obesity was published. “It seems that the development of a stable and healthy diet at the beginning of a afslankperiode is important for the results in the long term,” says researcher Emily Feig.

During the study, 183 people, of which the most women, for two years, followed. The participants were given guidance in their food choices and had personal goals. So they had to keep track of how they felt, were the number of calories tracked and they had to get more exercise. Also followed the participants weekly group sessions where they were weighed. Also, they were asked whether they suffered from binge eating for certain emotions, or whether they are themselves capable to food intake to regulate.

When people each week a different amount of weight lost, had, after a period of a year or two worse results than people who per week, an equal amount of weight lost. According to the researchers, it is notable that people who are less emotional eating, less binge eating and less confidence in their own perseverance to a higher variability in the number of kilos that they fall away. Also lost this group of people is less weight over the entire period.


Feig recommends on the basis of the research results to the food almost equal to keep. “It helps to meals ahead and the meals for the rest of the week all on Sunday to reach. It can also help to reduce eating at restaurants, because here often impulsive decisions to be created,” said Feig. “A healthy lifestyle is to learn with a healthy and solid diet can patients in a more stable way to lose weight.”

In follow-up research will have to prove why some people have more variability in weight loss than others. “It may be that people have trouble with following a good diet and lichaamsbewegingsprogramma. But it can also be genetic or people in a stable way to lose weight, regardless of whether they adhere strictly to the diet,” says Feig.

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