St. Louis woman says someone stole her small house

connectVideoMeghan Panu heart-broken after thieves steal her little house

A St. Louis, Missouri woman claims that someone stole a small house she was building and asking the public to help find it.

Meghan Panu, who builds “tiny houses,” posted on Instagram on Saturday that its structure had been stolen the previous night, between the hours of 10:30 am and 11 am

Panu wrote that they are “at a loss,” he told Fox affiliate KTVI that she learned of the theft, when someone called her to ask if they moved the house at night, they had not.

The small home builder, had worked at the home for two years, according to the news station. Panu said the idea that she can never have her back home is “horrible.”


The small house craze — dubbed a “movement” by Small Contractors — it is for those who want a smaller living space, usually within a radius of 600 square metres. It is for people who “have determined that a large house, and more specifically, the high cost of living, is both unnecessary and a detriment to their happiness.”

Small houses are often built on a foundation or trailers and it is on wheels and can be transported.

Panu had moved its small house to different cities, and the planned move this week with the ultimate goal of life in the following spring.

She told KTVI she has invested around $20,000 in the house, but that the “lack of respect for the effort and the time, and the love that I’ve put into this” that upsets her the most.

Panu is posting updates on the situation to her Facebook page, with her most recent post, showing that the small house can have spotted earlier today “in the west on the I40 in the direction of California.”

The small house is furnished with two large green windows, brown stained cedar cladding and a zinc roof. Panu urges anyone with information about the house to report this to the authorities and to contact her.

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