Sri Lankan government gives ‘serious failure safety device”

The Sri Lankan government has admitted that the intelligence agencies of the country have severely failed ” in the run-up to the bombings on three churches and three hotels on Easter Sunday. It came to 359 people to life and became more than five hundred others are injured.

The Sri Lankan parliament Thursday to hear a warning that the government in early april, it received from the intelligence agencies of India, not enough got imitation.

That happened in spite of the completeness of the Indian information, including names, addresses, and phone numbers of suspects contained.

There came in addition to that, the Indian services of all months with Sri Lanka talked about the terrorist movement in question.

According to the Sri Lankan field marshal and politician, Sarath Fonseka, were the attacks certainly seven to eight months preparing.

The Sri Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena showed Wednesday, know that he is the secretary of Defense and the inspector-general of police has asked for their resignation. Sirisena is also the head of the armed forces to dismiss.

Machtsworsteling within government

Connoisseurs of the Sri Lankan politics due to the bad communication within the government to a machtsworsteling that last year led to a political crisis.

Sisirena dismissed prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe abruptly, because that is an assassination attempt on him would plans. The president proposed as his deputy Mahinda Rajapaksa, a former president who is accused of serious human rights violations during his regime, that from 2005 to 2015 took.

Wickremesinghe fought that decision and was upheld by the supreme court. He returned as prime minister. The camps around the prime minister and the president would still be at war condition.


Sri Lanka: ‘Attack was preventable’

Situation in Sri Lanka still tense

The Sri Lankan authorities and the population are alert to possible new attacks. That leads, as yet, in particular to many cases of false alarm. The building of the Sri Lankan Central Bank and an access road to the international airport in the capital Colombo were Thursday closed after reports of suspicious situations.

From the coastal town of Negombo, where one of the affected churches, reports that hundreds of muslims themselves in safety. They would by the other inhabitants, buddhists and christians, are held responsible for the attacks. Some of the houses of muslims would have been attacked.

Aanslagplegers came from extremist splinter group

The attacks were, according to the authorities, committed by a splinter group of an extremist islamist group that last year in awareness was due to the destruction of buddha statues.

The splinter group would be headed by a minister Mohamed Zahran. The Sri Lankan authorities take that Zahran themselves blown up by one of the catholic churches during the attacks were taken, but have not yet been able to confirm.

Eight of the nine aanslagplegers have now been identified. They were all Sri Lankans and were mainly from rich backgrounds or from the middle class.

The Sri Lankan police has now definitely 76 people arrested on suspicion of involvement in the attacks.


Who is behind the attacks in Sri Lanka?

Possible involvement IS examined

Experts think it is unlikely that a small and obscure group such as that of Zahran the attacks without outside help has been able to commit. The extent to which the attacks were coordinated and the strength of the used explosives indicate a months-long preparation and a high requirement of expertise.

The attacks on Easter Sunday have been claimed by Islamic State (IS). The terrorist group posted a video in which Zahran and seven masked persons allegiance to IS. It appears from intelligence reports that Zahran several times had contact with known activists.

Sri Lanka is investigating, in cooperation with international partners such as the American FBI how far the involvement of IS went.

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