‘Spyware NSA leaked by carelessness employee’

‘Spyware NSA leaked by carelessness employee’

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The spyware from the NSA earlier this year appeared online, supposedly by Russian hackers, possibly leaked by a carelessness of an employee of the intelligence service.

An investigation into the leak is focused mainly on theory, several anonymous sources on Friday told Reuters.

In August, placed a computer hacker group under the name of Shadow Brokers spionagemalware online. This is dated from 2013 and could be used to Cisco routers and Fortinet to drain.

Both companies have the leak now repaired, but it seems that the responsible hackers the vulnerability three years can abuse.


According to researchers in Washington has a NSA employee three years ago made a mistake in the use of the software. He would the malware have left behind on a remote server, making it on the street. Shortly after, the responsible person has been notified of the error.

The NSA decided, however, to Cisco and Fortinet does not inform you of the vulnerabilities in their products, despite the fact that these consequences could have for many internet users and companies.

The sources of Reuters say that the NSA, however, has kept an eye on whether the malware was used against American targets or its allies. Because none of that was, that it would be the NSA may be unnecessary to the existence of software vulnerabilities to report.

It is not yet excluded that the NSA employee, now the intelligence services would work, the malware will deliberately let it drain. But there seems to be no question that Russian hackers are the headquarters of the NSA have hacked.

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