Sprint is a leader in the Premier league after a late win at Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands

Ensuring that you may one day be the front-runner in the Premier league name a few. The people from arnhem won the match on Saturday with a 4-2 Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands, with three goals in the final ten minutes. Sparta Rotterdam is beating norwich city by 4-0.

Short stronger is to come back from a deficit. After having Stood by for a hit on Mark Diemers, with a 0 to 1-gap and was going to give up, he made to Tim Matavz in the 59th minute, 1-to-1 on.

Three minutes later, Martin Angha Stood for a second in the lead, but it was the first one to answer at the ready. Bryan Linssen has turned the match around with goals in the 81e and the 83rd minute of it. Matus Has made it in, he would still 4-2 of this.

Ensuring that the top of the list with fourteen points from seven matches, it knows that it will be the end day will be lost. Then, in Eindhoven, the attraction between PSV and Ajax on the program. The two clubs having thirteen points and a better goal difference.

A moment of silence for Fernando Ricksen before the match, in the bus station. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

A beautiful tribute to Ricksen in Holland

Fortuna Sittard was in the race, largely for the character of Fernando Ricksen. The former international, who on Wednesday died of the effects of AS, started and ended his pro career with the Limburg club.

The race to the bus station and was preceded by a solemn minute of silence for Ricksen, who is in the second of the minute (referring to his number one), also was honored with a standing ovation from both the as thuissupporters. The anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem, up from 75 a year ago it gave the game an extra emotional twist.

On the pitch, it took 25 minutes, until the score has been opened. Diemers took Luck, this season, is still waiting for its first victory, in the lead with a placed shot from the edge of the r-rated.

Bryan Linssen is a celebration of the victory of the traditional edition in-game with the team. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Right deliver the Sprint win in final stage

Ensuring that (where Riechedly Bazoer in the first half of it was red), after resting in a better place, the day, and brought up by Matavz, who took advantage of a clever pass from Oussama Tanane, in the state in the end. Three minutes later, the Swiss Angha on the edge of the Stood, however, been restored.

Thanks to the Right, pulled the home team to win the match in the final stage, go to it. The captain took care to indicate the Tannane for 2-2, and then two minutes later with a placed header Supports and for the first time, on the edge of collapse. In the 4-2, of Has in injury time was the final decision on the case.

Where you Sprint for a day to the top of the list, bivakkeert Stood at the lower end of the range. With two points from five matches means that the team of coach Sjors Ultee, only manchester city (1 point) under it.

Mohamed Rayhi, Ragnar Ache, and If Smith took all three of us to the net at his side. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The race does not have a child at his side

Sparta Rotterdam has won in the home game against stoke city, with large numbers. At the Castle, ending the game of the doctoral students on Saturday, in a 4-0 lead.

The race, as his side ended the season in the play-offs are promoted to the Premier league, came after a quarter of an hour to play a lead over Bryan Smith. Ragnar Ache was there at the start of the rest, 2-0 on.

In the second half, and went into the second half and simply move away. Halil Dervisoglu (48th minute) and Mohamed Rayhi (60 min) doubled the lead against the powerless Waalwijkers, who is still waiting for the first win of the season.

The race brings the total to eleven points from seven matches, and in the linkerrijtje. Hekkensluiter his side have just one point and a goal difference of minus seventeen.

Etienne Vaessen did not have an answer to the 3-0 Halil Dervisoglou. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The biggest Premier league win of the Race in ten years

The race took advantage after a quarter of an hour to play, weak defending for his side when, in the independent Smith’s simple touch was a tap in after an assist from Dervisoglou, which is just as responsible as the cross was hit.

That lead was doubled by the Ache, which is in the 43rd minute, his head turned at an puntgave cross from Abdou Harroui.

The hope of his side, it was all the way in the ground, drilled as Dervisoglou there is also a header with three minutes of half 3-0 for me. Mohamed Rayhi made after an hour of play before the finale, when he beat the keeper, Etienne Vaessen knocked off the ball.

Before the Race, it’s the biggest win in the Premier league since may 2009. Then there was also a 4-0 lead over Ajax, where the coach, Marco van Basten and a few days later, the resignation was submitted.

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