Spring breakers not involved in the potential danger of a balcony parties, research finds

y-goers relax on the hotel balcony during spring break partying in Panama City Beach, Florida.


Such as sunburn and non-stop binge-drinking, a stay in a shabby high-rise hotel is apparently a typical element of the spring break experience.

However, American collegians are putting themselves in danger of death or permanent injury when they have their festivities antics on the hotel balcony, a recent study brought to light.

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In Edition visited South Padre Island, Texas, the mid-March — the heat of spring break bedlam and spotted countless daredevils jump off their balconies, in pools below.

While female students told reporters that they remained safe on the trip ‒ by not taking drinks from other guys” and the guarantee of the members of the group “stay together” ‒ the most ignored the fact that the students are tragically killed or injured, year after year after the fall of the closed platforms.

Through the months of March and April, collegians invade hotspot destinations in the South and the Caribbean to celebrate spring break.

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In 2017, two spring breakers died in Myrtle Beach, S. C. after a fall from their 18th floor of the hotel with balcony. In 2015, a 21-year-old woman slipped from her perch on a South Padre Island on the 7th floor with a balcony and died. In 2014, a 62-year-old man chaperoning a spring break trip fell to his death from a 12th floor balcony in Panama City Beach, Fla. And in 2010, two young men fell to their death from the balcony in Panama City Beach, ABC News reported.

Alcohol was involved in almost all seven of the deadly victims.

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Recently, on 16 March of this year, Fox 4 Now be reported that a thief jumped from a balcony in a Fort Myers Lani Kai Hotel after stealing from a room, and staff members say it is something they have never seen.

While most escape with a few hangovers to show, others are not so lucky.

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“People seem to think that they are Spiderman”, said marketing director Jane Schneider. “We have very good security detail to ensure that they keep everyone, you know, as safe as possible.”


An estimated four million students invade Florida’s perennial spring break hot-spot cities, including Miami Beach, Daytona, Orlando, Panama City Beach and Fort Lauderdale. And while most escape with only a few hangovers to show for their troubles, others are not so lucky.

“Thousands of people — many of them in full-on party mode … go down to new and often unfamiliar cities can be a recipe for accidental injuries,” the Florida-based firm, Thomas & Pearl, Injury Lawyers, said in a recent interview.


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Meanwhile, back in South Padre Island, students are assured Inside Edition that she would be fun in the sun on the balcony.

“I have a friend, halfway down from the balcony almost falling off and I had to grab them and be like, ‘You can’t be so stupid,'” a party-supporters said.

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