Spotify responds in lawsuit against songwriters to copyright

Spotify responds in lawsuit against songwriters to copyright

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Spotify has a lawsuit against songwriters and publishers, a settlement. The music service comes with a fund of 43 million dollars to non-payment of copyrights to pay.

That writes Billboard. A large group of musicians tied to the end of 2015 and early 2016 two lawsuits against Spotify, because they have not been paid for copyrights. This relates to parts of songs, such as the text and background music, for which licenses must be applied for.

Spotify struck a settlement with the musicians and promises to be a fund of 43.4 million dollars. This is the music service songwriters and publishers offset from whom the royalties have not been paid. That is less than the artists originally on the eye.


Songwriter Melissa Ferrick demanded in 2016, in a collective case $ 200 million to the violation of copyrights. They claimed that songs with its lyrics about a million times streamed were, without money for to get.

The other lawsuit was by musician David Lowery filed, along with hundreds of other artists. They demanded 150 million dollars for damages. The two cases were this month, combined, just for the agreed scheme.

The settlement must still be approved by the court, and then looking at who is entitled to compensation.

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