Spotify removes racist music

The Swedish streaming service Spotify will be the music of the 37 bands removed in the aftermath of the riots in Charlottesville.

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Spotify is 37 so-called white supremacist bands removing from its streaming service. That has the company itself announced in a statement.

It comes to the bands who in 2014 on a list were drawn up by civil-rights movement Southern Poverty Law Center (SPCL). The movement lijstte 54 bands on that superioriteitsracistische texts and were represented in the online music store iTunes. Apple decided eventually to bands from iTunes.

At the beginning of this week rakelde Digital Music News the list back on, but then to investigate which of these bands there are active on Spotify. The site found 37 bands back, including some that are not on the original list were. “In the light of the violent confrontations in Charlottesville and a still louder white superioriteitsstem, the presence of white supremacy music on Spotify in a different light to be viewed.’

The Swedish streaming service now has to respond to the complaint. “We take immediate action in order to delete the material,” says the company in a statement. “We are pleased that we are on this subject matter were notified. Many bands we have today already been removed, while the other rushed to the view.”


Illegal content that promotes hatred or violence on the basis of race, religion, or sexuality will not be tolerated.


In Billboard filled a spokesman that the Spotifycatalogus music contains of hundreds of thousands of record labels’. ‘Who are primarily responsible for questionable content that they to Spotify to deliver,” she said. “But illegal content that promotes hatred or violence on the basis of race, religion, sexuality etc will not be tolerated.’

Spotify does more than remove content. She pushes her own playlist of Patriotic Passion, with, among others, Jimi Hendrix, Eminem and Simon & Garfunkel, which is a soundtrack of “an America that is worth to fight for’.

The last days, more and more companies announced that the initiative would take against superioriteitsracisme. Payment platform PayPal has announced that they will take payments or donations, that promotes hate, violence or racism, reports CNN. Also Uber wants white supremacist to users of its app to ban, writes The Verge.

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