Spotify aims his arrows at the Belgian streamingmarkt

Spotify has a vacancy issued for an employee who is the Belgian streamingmarkt should help feed. “This is a good first step in the direction of Belgian Spotify-success’, writes muziekblogger and manager Jarri Van der Haegen in Knack Focus.

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In contrast to our neighbouring countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, Belgium has, to date, no private Spotify-office, or no that with more than sales deals.

But there seems to be change afoot, says Jarri Van der Haegen, the blogger behind Disco Naïveté and the manager of, among others, Tsar B , and WWWater. “Spotify has just launched a vacancy notice issued for an employee with the definite task to be “the Belgian streamingmarkt to help feed’. A sign that our country is considered.’

Good news, because for the time being, the Spotify-range of Belgian artists due to the lack of a central point of contact, predominantly local, based it all on a fluke and we are missing so chances are, says Van der Haegen.

‘Only if you as an artist in a Spotify office can turn, you have a chance by the media to be supported.’ The most common form of support are the leading, hundreds of thousands of times streamed playlists that Spotify itself manages, see, for example, Today’s Top Hits and New Music Friday. ‘It is enough that you are in such a great playlist ends up to in a month’s time all of your investment back to earn, and in the best case still to keep also. Look at the Dutch composer Joep, Trembling, or to young Spotify-stars as Ella Fox, Michl or Naaz.’

May we, with the advent of which on Belgium targeted Spotify employee, soon Dutch artists on that list to add? Van der Haegen: ‘What is strange, is that the employee is deemed from the Amsterdam Spotify office to work. So will our great Spotify contact point a bit too far removed from the Belgian market and all of its sensitivities. We are not there yet, but this is still a good first step in the direction of Belgian Spotify-successes.’

Knack Focus picks up Wednesday with a dossier on the ‘playlistrevolutie’ of Spotify. Therein you will read below more a interview with Amsterdam Joep Quake – one of the most listened to pianists of the time, thanks to Spotify – and a analysis about how Spotify the album demolition.

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