Spotified: these are the new players of the streamingwereld

Who determines where you’re listening to on Spotify?

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The compilers of Spotify’s playlists. Soon the most influential people in the music business. If they already are not. They are the ones who decide which artists in a playlist to be included, and what place they get. If a compiler decide to switch your track in New Music Friday to cross, then your career is launched. If a formulator to decide the next single from Taylor Swift not in Today’s Top Hits, then flopped as the number. The most well-known gatekeeper is Tuma Basa, the man behind RapCaviar, a hiphopplaylist and the main playlist of the moment. Artists like Desiigner, Rae Sremmurd, Migos, and Lil Uzi Vert owe their world hits him.


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Last summer there was some controversy when American media Spotify it accused fake artists to get involved. In particular, were Peaceful Piano and Deep Focus stated. Scroll through those playlists and you will be completely unfamiliar names as Karin Borg, and Charles Bolt, artists with only two songs, but millions of streams of whom there is no data to be found. Probably sitting there ghostcomponisten behind, who, under various pseudonyms, music delivery. The question is whether they have a deal with Spotify have closed, making the streaming service not all of the royalties from their lucrative playlists would have to pay out. Spotify denies, but there is something strange going on.


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Best funny: the numerous scammers that are on Spotify, their trying to make money. So, there is DJ Majestick, that both the song I’m In Love with the Shape of You as I’m in Love with Your Body has released. Ed Sheeran fans will the scam recognize: it is an attempt to listeners that the correct title of a hit do not know to their number to them, and so the streams to withdraw. For every big hit, the one is already more successful than the other. So has King Stitch with Be humble. (a point behind) a million lazy Kendrick Lamar-fans to the garden. In principle, that him a dollar or 5000 delivered. Also, Ryan Adams is more or less under: by 1989, the integral cover at a time that the original picture of Taylor Swift not on Spotify was, he has quite a few streams for her were meant to be, to know, to collect. That was tricky.


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Perhaps the most intriguing artist on Spotify is Rain Sounds, a man or a woman, who specialises in songs like A Gentle Thunderstorm, Gentle Rain Fall, The Early Morning Rain, Rain Drops on a Tin Roof, and Drag Rain. The market for people with tinnitus, sleeping problems and a penchant for regengeluiden shows huge: Rain Sounds already has hundreds of millions of streams collected. Apparently play also wellness centers, which this kind of white noise in a continuous loop, had a role in. If Rain Sounds are really one person, and that person actually has all of the royalties to be paid, then we speak here about a visionary genius.

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