‘Sports club would young people can help to right path to continue to”

‘Sports club would young people can help to right path to continue to”

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Sport can help young people to be social, and so on the right path to continue. However, the climate in the sports club and the coach have an important role to play.

This is evident from the doctoral research of Anouk Sprout, who Thursday at the University of Amsterdam phd. Branch concludes that athletes are not more or less criminal behavior than non-athletes.”Young people can be social from sport, but aggression on the sports field can antisocial behaviour understand the hand work,” said Sprout.

According to Sprout leads sports not, of itself, less criminal behaviour. A good impact of the sports stands or falls with the climate in the sports club. “The trainer that you respect him, to show for each other or the referee, or not? Are parents along the line of aggressive texts to call or not.”

Also the role of the coach is of great importance. “The coach Is a preview picture, he knows the right connection with young people to find and give enough individual attention? A good coach asks how the home, school, or with friends,” said Sprout.

Martial arts

The study showed that there no were differences between contact sports and other sports. Also could Sprout, no scientific evidence for the idea that aggressive sports aggression in the hand work. “This is also depending on the atmosphere at the sports club. Are the types days shadowy and encourages the coach to be on the right path to continue.”

The relationship between sports participation and jeugddelinquentie is examined by 51 existing scientific studies again to study. In these studies, a total of 132.366 adolescents examined. After that the effect of sport – and bewegingsinterventie on psychosocial behavior in adolescents are analyzed on the basis of 57 previous studies.


The last part of the research consisted of the analysis of the sports project Only you decide who you are (SO). This project is in the Netherlands used to prevent jeugddelinquentie with at-risk youths. The criteria for participation in the project were that the young people have not yet or only slightly in contact with the police had been. They had a low level of education and lived in a deprived area.

368 young people aged between twelve and eighteen years participated in this project. As the last was 155 young people, together with their teachers and coaches are asked to fill in a questionnaire about the success of the SO-project.

Historically sports activities are seen as a means to the development of young people positive, encouraging, and antisocial behavior of youth to prevent. Further, it is sports participation related to better (mental) health, and helps sport to young people to connect with. Before, it was still little scientific evidence that sport young people discipline, cooperation, and authority of learning.

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