Special representative of US for the people of Ukraine resigns

Special representative of the united states government for Ukraine with Kurt Volker in the night from Friday to Saturday, the resignation is submitted. His decision was followed a few hours after U.s. members of congress a formal request is submitted to ex-ambassadors and diplomats, including the Former, to effect service of process in the action against the Us president, Donald Trump, writes CNN.

He would be involved in the effort from the White House, and the conversation between He and his Ukrainian opposite number, Volodymyr Zelensky to keep it a secret.

Members of congress are demanding access to the documents to which the telephone call between He and Zelensky to describe it.

The united states Congress want to know what are the civil servants of the phone call, and have prepared for, participated in, or have a transcript they received.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs is given a week to respond

The Us secretary of state, Mike Pompeo has the 4th of October, the period of time in order to respond to the summons. Earlier this month, and ignored all calls for the documents to be made public.

He would Zelensky is under pressure to have to do some research for Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The former vice-president, it would be a corruption investigation into the company and Hunter have been discontinued.

In the week prior to the phone call, suspended Home, financial support, estimated at $ 400 million, in Ukraine. The Democrats, finding that He had abused his power to the supreme court, by 2020, to influence and to have a preliminary investigation was initiated into an impeachment procedure.

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This can be found in the report of the whistleblower-and He and the Ukraine

White House to hold talks with vladimir Putin, and Saudi Arabia is at the rear

CNN reported on the night of Friday to Saturday that the White House was a conversation between He and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman wanted to release.

Sources at the broadcaster, that there is a “remarkable steps” were taken to document the calls are not free.

For example, the transcript of the interview with the Bin Salman was never presented to the public. He’d have to give him a call, and after the murder of a Saudi arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi. According to Us intelligence, would give the Saudi arabian government is behind the demise of sitting.

The conversation between He and president Putin, it would just be a heavily modified transcript has been released. It is not clear when the interview took place. The White House wanted to be the opposite of CNN will not respond to it.


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