Special prosecutor Mueller rounds up Ruslandonderzoek after almost two years off

The American special prosecutor Robert Mueller has his Ruslandonderzoek completed. The report was on Friday submitted to minister William Barr of Justice. The investigation revolves around the alleged interference of Russia in the U.s. presidential election of 2016.

With the handing over of the final report to Barr come formally to an end the Ruslandonderzoek, that on may 17, 2017 was set and so for almost two years.

Sources within the White House tell ABC News that the American president Donald Trump would have said that he is “glad that it’s over”.

The president fell to Mueller and the Ruslandonderzoek dozens of times publicly. He calls the investigation a “witch hunt” by the Democratic y is entered and suggested that Muellers team biased.


What is the next step after completion of the Ruslandonderzoek?

Minister decision on next steps

The results of the survey are currently not publicly available. Now it is up to Barr to decide which parts of the research will be shared with the Congress.

Barr is well known as a critic of the Ruslandonderzoek, but promised during a hearing preceding his appointment as much information as possible from the research to the outside.

It is possible that the lawyers of the White House to submit requests to certain parts of the report out of the public eye to keep. They will then argue that the things that therein are described under the so-called ‘executive privilege’.

That is the power of a president and his cabinet, as the executive power, to interventions by the legislative and legal powers to block.

No warranty on prosecution for crimes Trump

According to an employee of the ministry of Justice by Mueller no new charges advised.

Should Mueller have determined that Trump may be itself guilty of criminal offences, then it is not obvious that the president therefor is continued.

The U.s. department of Justice has a directive that says that when a sitting head of state is not possible. The question is whether that directive in concrete is cast, where the experts disagree, and can lead to years of relentless legal and political battle to lead.

Minister Barr is in any case known that he is a proponent of the directive.

Another option where a lot of usually is deposition. However, that is not legal, but a political process, in which a president is tried by the Senate.

Democrats want to report as soon as possible

The Democrats in Congress were Friday immediately know the report is quick to want to see, before Trump gets a chance to the “the cover up”.

Also find it of interest that Trump the findings do not at first permitted to access and that the White House doesn’t interfere with what documents not be made public.

The U.s. House of Representatives voted in march unanimously a resolution which states that the report in its entirety should be made public. That resolution is not binding, but it is revealing that the Republican minority in the House wholeheartedly agreed.

Also Trump has several times said that the report what it regards public should be made. He says nothing to hide.

Many lawsuits have arisen from research

From the Ruslandonderzoek is a large amount of charges to the address of Trump-intimates, former employees of the president and the Russian inlichtingenmedewerkers shed.

In total, Mueller lawsuits filed against or debentures losgekregen of 34 individuals and three (Russian) companies. Six of the accused are former advisers of Trump.

Despite the many complaints of Trump and his supporters that Mueller and his team the research is endlessly tried to stretch, he seems to work quickly to have done it; historically, had special prosecutors, there are on average almost 2.5 years.

‘End Ruslandonderzoek is just the beginning’

The final report of the Ruslandonderzoek marks not the end of the investigations into Trump and his government.

The Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has already several studies launched and a large number of other announced. The subjects range from Trumps zakenverleden to the approach of the aftermath of the hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the separation of migrantenfamilies to the U.s. southern border.

Also the Ruslandonderzoek will the Democrats turn on until further research. Democrat Jerry Nadler, chairman of the justitiecommissie of the House of Representatives, has already let know that it is the duty of the House to the findings of Mueller to keys.

In addition, the special prosecutor made a number of findings reported to federal prosecutors, in response, criminal investigations are initiated.

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