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Of designhuizen newly renovated offices and trendy farmers ‘ markets: who these days in West-Vlaanderen go shopping, discover new concepts that is all the rage. What do you think of a copytheekwaar you drink coffee or a strikkenboetiek with a bow for each occasion?

© Jan D’hondt, Westtoer

Healthy: farmer’s Market new style

For some farmers markets, you will need some extra effort. Calendars to check, for example. When Local is not the case; this indoor farmer’s market open every Friday afternoon, faithful are doors in both Roeselare as Badly and you can use your shopping list even online. Then you don boerenpakket only to pick up and to count.

Who has time to meet here not only the farmers that you grow, but you can also chat in the bar or on the spot of the goodies to devour. The children are now entertained in the children’s workshop or take part in the monthly workshop. The payment system is just as useful. Not ten times your wallet out, pay put you at the end. The better mushrooms, biobiertjes, goat’s cheese, asparagus or bread without improvers, you will find it all at Local.

Nathalie Desmet of Desmet Mushrooms: “My grandfather laid in ’72 the foundations, I came there in the 90’s and later my husband. In addition to the well-known snow-white mushroom growing, we also a lot of exotics, of shiitake on beukenzwam to koningsoesterzwam. And Local people can taste the quality in the bite.”

Locally, The Cassinastraat 4, Deerlijk (Friday, 15-20 u), and Sint-Amandskerk, The Coninckplein, Roeselare (Friday 14-20 you)

Fashion: Family Saga

A mother-dochterverhaal, in the heart of Waregem, this leads to young, contemporary collections, a mix of affordable and more exclusive pieces with brands such as Morobé, Wildfox and American Outfitters. Soon also with a webshop for those who prefer to order online.

Pop, Stormestraat 126, Waregem

Baby: For Bruges babies

Team with babygeluk in the pipeline heave a sigh of relief, because Adhémar opened just a second establishment, Little Adhémar on the size of babies, and doing that on one of the approach roads to the city lead. Very useful! Parking near so you that half the furniture is easy to load. This is not a standard baby – and kinderwinkeltje, but a luxurious lifestyleboetiek where you both fashion and deco. Cuteness that’s hard to resist, even when you’ve already long out of the pampers.

Little Adhémar, Moerkerksesteenweg 232, Bruges

Live: Mini is maxi

Vida Design, the grand project of Nancy Windels and husband Geert Vancayzeele, stands for Surprising, Innovative, Durable Separately and it has been four years, but was last year his area to double. That is a good thing, too, because this piece of furniture – and decoshop, with a solid online hatch, it houses no less than fifty inspiring brands. Notice that, just as the owners focus on sustainability, natural and honest materials. Duvet covers from organic cotton, mangohouten bowls, rattan lamps… stuff to your entire house. Who is the north loses may be assisted by Nancy for interior design home. With Vida Design, she aims to demonstrate that sustainability, beauty, and affordability perfect fit.

Vida Design, The Coin 2, Roeselare

Interior: the B of Bold

Offer? Industrial antiques and vintage curiosities, think of old politieladders, huge lights, stuffed foxes, or a weather-beaten gas station. Who? Pieter-Jan Variegated foam Europe on old industriesites and in bankrupt factories weathered wood, rusty steel, and other wondrous finds on the header to tap it. What? His discoveries can be restored or upgraded to pièces uniques to find their way into eclectic interiors. Bold is a place that you can believe in authenticity.

Bold Design, Diksmuidekaai 2, Kortrijk

Fashion & interior: The post in the year 2017

What? A chain with Dutch roots, and yes, you can find also in other cities, Sissy Boys. Why? You should just drop in, if only to see what of the old post office building on the Market. This is undoubtedly one of the finest commercial buildings in Bruges, and here and there you can still postsporen discern. Good to know! Around the corner you find the entrance of the beer museum with degustatieruimte, where you as well as non-museum visitors are welcome. Question of which Market from a slightly higher vantage point to admire. Or two panoramas for the same price.

Sissy Boy, Place 5, Brugge

© Jan D’hondt, Westtoer

Literature: Boekentempel

What? Theoria is an independent boekentempel that are equal barely know. A bookstore hors category. New: recently, do you think Theoria in a protected monument built in 1844, and that ever as a casino was. Good for 33.000 titles, a strip – and vinylzaak, the fine leescafé Comma in the Air, a boekenkeuken in which there gekokkereld can be, plenty of interesting lectures and, above all, enjoy reading. In short? Even bigger, even more, even better. Boekenfans get here guaranteed their hearts, and return after hours of strolling and adopt completely overloaded home.

Theoria, Casinoplein 10, Kortrijk

Kantoorspullen: cool copycats

Ever were copytheken sad places where nervous students, the latest sweaty hand on their dissertation laid. Those times are in Kortrijk, thanks to the Copy Coffee, already over. You can in this bright building just copies, just as in the good old days, but also unique cards, to designs store or just a cup of coffee at the big table, with a cake on it, and hip bureauspulletjes strike : of beautiful cards about washi tape and other fine office equipment. So fresh can kantoorspullen.

Copy Tea, Groeningelaan 2, Kortrijk

Mode: to Dare and to do

Those who love items of clothing that are just a tad more daring than what you get in the mainstream supply chains, need to go to La Cool et Chic Courtrai, that his name effortlessly lives up to. Floral maxi-dresses, bloesjes with open rugpartijen, accessories of young, novice designers, and fifteen brands, such as Ragdoll LA and Zoe Karssen. In addition, each week new items will be delivered, sometimes even for two or three days. Arranged binnenhoppen is the message.

La Cool et Chic Courtrai, Voorstraat 13, Kortrijk

Interior: More of the same, but different

To say that the new branch of Gouts & Couleurs the little brother is, is a bit irreverent. What is right, is that you get more accessories can be found, the larger creations are on number 5 to excel. There you will find the mothership where it all started. But who would rather not be tempted, is limited to the fine snuistershop, filled with well-sounding names such as Vitra, Ferm Living, Aesop, Komono, Studio MHL, Story Tiles… The perfect place for gifts to save for yourself.

Gouts & Couleurs, Ezelstraat 1, Bruges

Fashion and accessories: Over cereal and hermits

Oats & Hermit, founded by two best friends, is many things. A place where you have a healthy breakfast, a balanced lunch, or a biosnack meegrist and a boutique with a unique selection of ontwerpersstukken and nice used clothing. But you will find just as well be the product of the Icelandic Likami, or superfood for your skin. In short, in Oats & Hermit, you come without any guilt tasting and shopping. And all that in the shadow of K, the huge shopping centre of Kortrijk.

Oats & Hermit, Saint-Janslaan 5, Kortrijk

Accessories: Gift for yourself

Waregem has an address: Deman, supplier of knick-knacks or pretty things in life. Stuff that you don’t necessarily need, but which make the life a lot more pleasant. Of macramé bags and the Missoni throws, handmade statementjuwelen and works of Wouters & Hendrix and black pottery, and elegant lounge chairs. Very difficult to get this store with empty hands and leave.

Deman, Holstraat 34, Waregem

Interior design: Find without search

Serendipity manages to get special items to bring in which you have the feeling that they are on the path, were to come in because they are the missing link in your interior. Just what you needed. No abundance of stock, but accurate objects that intrigue and in every place even more character.

Serendipity, Sint-Jakobsstraat 56, Bruges

Fashion: Timeless and a bit tough

Feminine but with a touch of rock’n’ roll, that is the red thread through Mais Oui. A place where you both fashion items as home accessories scores. Piece by piece, timeless pieces with a story.

Mais Oui, Academiestraat 12, Bruges

Accessories: For you are snared

What? Cheerful bows, designed by Chantal spol sro (Czech republic, which are sold throughout the country and even in Japan. The real holiday booking shop you can find in Kortrijk and is good for the complete strikkencollectie. Who? Three years ago, Chantal and her first bows on the gpu. The rest is history. Who is it for? For both women and men. Chantal designs classic bow ties and eye-catching, unique pieces. The classics always remain in the collection, the other specimens include more than thirty pieces. And then there are the original, unique attention in retrostoffen in very limited edition. Or how you roped the show can steal.

Holiday Booking, Lange Steenstraat 45, Kortrijk

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