Speaker Paul Ryan complains of ‘broken politics in farewell address

Outgoing speaker of the house of representatives, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, returned to Capitol Hill in Washington.
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Outgoing speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan complained of a broken Land “” policy, and the partisans, fighting in his farewell address on Wednesday, while the achievements of the Congress to praise during the chaotic three years he held the Hammer.

“We have made some of the greatest challenges of our time, and made a big and lasting difference in the trajectory of this country,” Ryan, R-Wis., who is likely to be replaced by the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi in the new session, said during his speech at the Library of Congress. “Surely the Congress can’t solve everything that plagues us. Not every result is perfect.”

Ryan added: “But this is our Top-of-the system at work. And I’m proud of what we have achieved together to make this a stronger and more prosperous country.”


Ryan’s speech caps off a career that made him rise from a budget-minded members of Congress, Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick in 2012 to the speaker of the house of representatives. He finished his time in Congress after a difficult two years dominated by unpredictable decision-making and the hardball policies of President Trump, his rough management style and comments occasionally invited, in a friendly Midwestern legislator, a gentle rebuke. He also fought with a lot of a standstill on Capitol Hill, including Republican divisions on issues like health care and immigration.

“The state of politics these days is another question, and frankly, I have said don’ T have an answer for that,” Ryan. “I look positively into the future, this much I know: Our complex problems are solvable. This means that our problems are solvable, if our policies allow it.”

Ryan’s departure comes six weeks after the day of the election, saw Democrats capture house control. Their triumph is a campaign, in the you miss the Republicans that tried to repeal and replace earlier, President Barack Obama’s health care reform act, a GOP primary is a priority, and for their Alliance with trump was.

“The house is the care of a new majority, and what I know will be a spirited Republican minority. I want our next leader well,” he said. “And just because this is all so momentary … is it because they only do a small part of the story that you are inspired to great things. In this point, we have achieved a lot.”


Under Ryan, the Congress of the largest tax cuts approved in decades, reinforced defense spending and roll back Obama legislation to protect clean air and water. But the annual Federal deficits surging, Medicare and other expensive entitlement programs and their attempt to scuttle Obama’s health care reform Statute, crashed.

The 48-year-old Ryan realizes that he never, two long-standing policy of dreams — the reduction of costs due to the government’s huge entitlement programs and the control of the enormous and growing national debt has reached. Thanks in part to the 10-year, $1.5 trillion tax cut Republicans passed last year, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates, a record $12.4 trillion in accumulated Federal deficits for the next ten years.

“I recognize clearly that my ambitions have overtaken for the claim of the reform, the political reality, and I see this as one of our greatest unfinished business,” he said.

While the house-passed health care bill would have carried out the culling savings from Medicaid and other programs, the effort died in the GOP-Senate, killed by solid democratic opposition and a handful of Republican opponents.

“Ultimately, the solution to this problem requires a higher degree of political will than exists today. I regret that,” Ryan says.

Ryan was first elected to Congress in 1998 and a leader of the Republicans trying to shrink the government. As Chairman of the House Budget Committee, he wrote, the spending plans presented to squeezing savings from popular programs like Medicare and the elimination of deficits — proposals that Congress enacted actually never benefit.

He was Mitt Romney’s Vice-presidential candidate in 2012, and he has been invited speaker in 2015, according to conservative unrest, the sudden resignation of his predecessor, Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio. Ryan announced last April that he is not up for re-election in the house, citing a desire to spend more time with his family.


While Ryan does not specifically trump mention in his speech, he denounced the kind of divisiveness, blame the trump suit has been determined. Ryan, however, had sharp words for the politicians on both sides of the aisle, and called out the bickering and personal shots in the media and in social media.

“The real disagreement tends to be way to intense suspicion,” he said. “A little more currency than for something.”

He added: “this pulls at the threads of our common humanity, in what could be our unraveling.”

He suggested that “the re-discovery that the human connection is back a lane on the road to and inclusion as the guiding influences in public life.” He added: “our driver’s point of view, are The broken policy more evident than the solutions.”

On immigration, Ryan said, regardless of how the current border wall-the fight is resolved, “The system is still in need of serious reform. And no less than our full potential as a nation is at stake.”

Ryan for years was a quiet power for a broad immigration overhaul, conservatives, in contrast to far to go in offering citizenship for immigrants in the U.S. illegally, but as the speaker was not able to unify Republicans behind an approach.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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