Sparklehorse resurrected as Glitterpaard, thanks to Mintzkov-singer Philip Bosschaerts

During the sold-out evening around Sparklehorse in Trix, you may also be a performance of Glitterpaard expect. That is a hommageband, founded by Philip Bosschaerts (Mintzkov) and Johan Verckist (Shun Club), which also includes members from Marble Sounds and Creature With The Atom Brain feature.

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‘Johan came last year with the idea of turning, just when Mark Linkous of five years was dead,” says Bosschaerts. “Although we are all big fans of his, took a little while before we have time for. But now that new film there is (The Sad and Beautiful World of Mark Linkous, who for the occurrence of Glitterpaard is shown in Trix, ed.), we have an ideal alibi to us still in the repertoire of Sparklehorse to bite. It would be nice if we were the people that the group do not know can encourage his plates to discover. Because that remain, of course, beautiful.


It would be nice if we were people who Sparklehorse don’t know can encourage his plates to discover.

‘All in all, is Linkous’ music is rather elusive. There is everything in it, to FM-pop to almost country to hard rock. Yet all of the ingredients in perfect balance, and is of the songs will always be a corner. By they to learn to play, we have noticed that there are a lot of careless mistakes. You can, impossible to re-enact, but it are those little imperfections that the work of Sparklehorse so attractive. Also in the texts overflows with intriguing images and metaphors, often referring to animals or nature. Striking: everything seems to be pervaded by depression and death.”

Philip Bosschaerts (Mintzkov). © GF

Philip Bosschaerts saw Sparklehorse two times live at Pukkelpop. “Those concerts are among the best I’ve ever seen,” he recalls. “The first time was the singer in a wheelchair. He was wearing silver pants and asked the audience emphatically do not with mud to throw to The Butthole Surfers, who after him played. The second time, at the time of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, I was so packed that I almost had to cry. The loud songs sounded unlikely hard, the silent, intimate, and fragile.


When I Sparklehorse at the time of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ live saw it, I was so packed that I almost had to cry.

‘Linkous realized that he was capable of catchy songs to write, but I think he was afraid that he for the wrong reasons. When his record label in the ‘Happy Man’ is a potential radio saw and asked him the noisy pieces to filter out, he went straight across. He felt nothing for his song easier to digest and claimed that the tape at a fire was lost.

‘Like many singers, was Mark Linkous insecure about his own voice. He buried them so deep in the mix until the instrument was between all the others. Distorted sounds are a substantial part of his universe. His songs are very diverse, from small to legged, and with Glitterpaard we choose especially for a dynamic approach. Live them all quite a bit rougher and with the small details that Linkous is not correct, we as musicians get to work. But we try to do as much as possible to remain true to the spirit of Sparklehorse.’

Also read: music club Trix brings tribute to the late Sparklehorse: ‘He was attracted by auditory filth’.

Glitterpaard plays tonight, after the screening of the Mark Linkous-film, in Trix, Antwerp. All info:

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