Spain takes over the organisation of the conference COP25 from Chile

The Spanish capital city of Madrid for the organization of the COP25 climate talks in december from Santiago, Chile. The United Nations last week confirmed, after Chile, Wednesday, withdrawing from the organization of the COP25.

The Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, announced its decision to get rid of the COP25 because of the unrest in the country. Since the beginning of October and will be there to demonstrate against the economic problems of the country. The middle of the month, these demonstrations are becoming more violent and so there are ongoing riots.

After the decision went to the United Nations to an alternative host. In Costa Rica, and co-organizer of the COP25, was also discussed. In the foregoing, COP24, it was in Katowice, Poland, organised, thus making Poland, as a possible alternative, it was called. Spain offered on Thursday at the Madrid summit, to be organized.

The COP25 will take place from the 2nd to the 13th of december. It was on the original schedule. During the summit on climate change to world leaders to get together to talk about the climate deal in 2015 has been concluded. During the visit, details about the implementation of the agreement is to be discussed.

Sailing from Amsterdam on its way to Chile

The Chilean’s decision was a shock to the 36-man crew of the Regina Maris, a sailing vessel, which klimaatactivisten of the organization, set Sail to the COP-on-the-go, from Amsterdam to Australia. The ship left at the beginning of October to middle of november in Brazil, at the dock. After that were the activists in the bus to Santiago de compostela.

It is an experience, with even more Dutch people on board, and do happen along the island of cape Verde, and had been for a short period of time signal. In that short amount of time was given to the crew, and the news is all over the top of the inside.

Sail to where the COP was on Thursday announced that it will ship, it will sail to South America in order to “get to know more about the possibilities for eco-friendly boating”. It is not known whether or not Sail to the COP and runs off, it will become the new location of the summit on climate change is well known.

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Activists have to sail for weeks in the direction of climate the Chile, but that has been cancelled.


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