Spain asks France to the surrender of ex-ETA leader Josu Ternera

Of spain, the French authorities asked for the surrender of a former topfiguur of the Basque terrorist organisation ETA. Jose Antonio Urrutikoetxea Bengoetxea, who is also known as Josu Ternera, walked down from the previous month, at the lamp, after the age of sixteen years on the run have been established.

The French police have arrested Ternera, on may 16 at a hospital in Sallanches. There, he would have to go under the knife. The 68-year-old Ternera in France in absentia and sentenced to eight years in prison for membership of a terrorist organisation. He was struggling to said to be in serious ill health.

A court in Paris, Wednesday, precisely, decided that the Ternera a court hearing in a freedom if to wait and see. However, he should still be in the detention to continue, due to the Spanish overleveringsverzoek. Spain suspected him of involvement in a bomb attack in 1987. At that time, eleven of the dead in the Cellar, among whom were several children.

ETA was the end of 2018 is officially cancelled

The Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA), the “Basque country and Freedom,” meaning, it was founded in 1959. The independence movement, that is, in the European Union, as terreurbeweging, was nearly fifty-year struggle against the Spanish government.

The ETA has been responsible for the deaths of around eight hundred people. In the bloodiest attack, which, in 1987, it was held, were 21 people were killed. It all started when a bomb explodes in the parking garage of a shopping center in Barcelona, spain.

In 2018, the ESA is formally dissolved. Ternera brought out the news at the time, in a video message.

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Since 2002, it requested an ETA leader, Ternera was arrested in France

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