SpaceX wants to rocket in 2018, within a day after launch reuse

SpaceX wants to rocket in 2018, within a day after launch reuse

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Space SpaceX hopes to have the first part of its Falcon 9 rockets next year within a day after launch to be able to use.

That says SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Wednesday at the International Space Station Research and Development conference in Washington, writes TechCrunch.

SpaceX wants the rockets after launch to return to earth faster re-use. Musk says that there is a ‘plan’ ready in 2018 to be able to achieve. The space already has some used missiles again, taking off and landing, but in between was still a longer pause.

The faster of missiles for a new launch, according to Musk’s important to, for example, Mars missions, and to be profitable. It is a lot cheaper than getting new missiles to use.

Falcon Heavy

Musk spoke to worries about the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in the world to be powered by three Falcon 9 cores. “There is a fair chance that the launch failed,” he says. “Hopefully he gets far enough from the launch pad, so he is not too much damage. That I would be already a victory.”

The SpaceX CEO says that there are many things that you are not on the ground can test. Musk calls the build of the Falcon Heavy is far harder than initially thought. The rocket should eventually astronauts to Mars. When the Heavy made its first flight, is not known.

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