SpaceX delays Marsmissie with two years

SpaceX delays Marsmissie with two years

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Space SpaceX actually wanted to already in 2018, its first mission to Mars launch, but moved the launch now to 2020.

SpaceX said in 2016 in 2018, Dragon-ruimtevoertuig to Mars wanted to launch the first private company in the world. SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell says more time need to have, reports The Verge.

Especially the Falcon Heavy rocket from SpaceX needs more time. That heavy version of the Falcon 9 rocket should the Dragon capsule to eventually launch. SpaceX will also focus more on his crew-program.

At the first launch of the Dragon module during the so-called Red Dragon mission wants SpaceX are testing. Countries on Mars, the thin atmosphere of the red planet is very difficult; incoming objects brakes much less fast than, for example, on earth.

Largest ruimtevoertuig

In October found European space agency, ESA that still, at the landing of Marslander Schiaparelli. After a hard landing worked that robot is not.

SpaceX wants to land on Mars in a different manner than landings until now, where parachutes are used. The Dragon capsule has built-in rocket engines, which the spacecraft must brake and themselves should countries.

So landing the SpaceX rocket on a platform in the sea

That technique has SpaceX in recent years with varying degrees of success tested with Falcon missiles, which after launch to commercially successful tests again upright knew to countries. The Dragon capsule after a successful landing the biggest vehicle on the red planet.

Ultimately, SpaceX also manned missions to Mars organize. During a press conference in 2016, said SpaceX CEO Elon Musk that he may be in 2023 already wants to start.

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