Space SpaceX wants in 2023 mission to Mars

Space SpaceX wants in 2023 mission to Mars

Photo: SpaceX

Space SpaceX has plans for a mission to Mars is shown. Also for this spacecraft the company deploys a reusable rocket.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk presented the Interplanetary Transport System of the company Tuesday night. Musk thinks now around 2023 people to Mars.

The system consists of a new rocket carrying a spaceship in orbit around the earth. Just like the Falcon 9 rockets from SpaceX in field trials, already successfully did, also the BFR after the launch again, fly back and himself, and countries.

SpaceX is developing spacecraft with reusable parts

The rocket then flies again to just outside the atmosphere, this time with a tank of fuel for the spaceship. That tank is three to five times up and down. It then fires the spaceship itself in the direction of Mars.

To Mars for $ 200,000

For a fast and affordable development of commercial space travel are the reusable components according to Musk essential. When people to Mars would be sent with the same method as the Apollo space program, that would be 10 billion us dollars per person costs.

Musk wants that amount reduced to $ 200,000 per person. That he wants to do by the lanceringsraket and the fuel tank constantly to re-use to different spacecraft to Mars to launch.

That spaceships themselves to the hand of the same construction on Mars, in turn, also be reusable, and would, on average, every two years again. It is about nine months to fly to Mars, every two years on its closest position to the earth.

The ship lands just as the lanceringsraket also vice versa. Musk wants with the Mars elements present fuel for a flight back to the earth. Yet the first passengers, according to the ceo be prepared to possible, never more to earth return.

A thousand spaceships

Musk predicts that there will eventually be thousands of spaceships in orbit around the earth, which in turn fuel are provided and are prepared on a journey to Mars.

These flights must be next to all kinds of stock, about 100 to 300 passengers per flight transport. By a thousand spaceships to use and with due observance of the positions of Mars, the earth, takes it according to Musk forty to a hundred years to a million people to the planet. That number of accounts as the minimum for a self-sufficient civilization.


Musk has been vague about how he plans wishes to fund, but will in any case have own funds in stitches. The entrepreneur says that the only reason he earns the colonisation of Mars. In addition, he mentioned also opportunities as an investment and crowdfunding.

Ultimately, the system according to Musk, also is suitable to our entire solar system to explore. Or the intention of Musk in 2023, its first manned mission will succeed is the question: SpaceX ran with it until now, always a delay on his plans. The first ship to Mars flies wants, Musk, Heart of Gold call, the name of a spaceship from sciencefictionboek A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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