Soy Kroon is sometimes envious of colleagues who have acteeropleiding have to be followed

Soy Kroon has never been an acteeropleiding done, and find out that he is missing. The actor may be a bit jealous of his colleagues.

“When you are playing with someone who has some techniques which I will be jealous of ben,” said the 24-year-old actor is in talks with an AD. What are the techniques, which are, says the Crown, there is not one of them.

However, there are also benefits to attending a training course. “I don’t know of any rules, no restrictions. My strength lies in my open-mindedness. I play often on. But I know that I’m not yet am always learning something new.”

The actor, who is in the Netherlands, it became known thanks to a role in the Good Times, the Bad Times, refers to himself as a “self-made man.” At a very young age, he moved to Belgium to play in a Galaxy, in a Park. “I wanted to have from a young age, the artist may be. Play games, sing, get up on a stage… have A plan ” B ” I have never had before. My mother, who was a teacher at the academy in Eindhoven, the netherlands, and took me with them. Then I did as a ten-year-old in a indianenpakje around, and I sometimes join in with the rehearsals.”

According to the Crown, who was also in the theater in musicals like Mamma Mia!, to understand his mother’s desire to make it in the entertainment industry to work in. “‘You can feel it as a child,” she said. And if I’m not an actor, it has had, undoubtedly, set designer had been. Or become a professional photographer. Or the camera operator. As long as I get creative in and around the theater, working on it could be.”

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