Southgate praised the attitude of players in England, after the conclusion of Bulgaria

Head coach Gareth Southgate of England, and has been praised for the manner in which his players on Monday night at the START kwalificatieduel in Bulgaria (0-6-profit) in order to be considered for the racist slogans of the hometown audience. Rookie Tyrone System, in turn, is happy to have him and the other players just continued to play in the city.

The match at the Vasil Levski Stadium in the first half of the two-time to shut down because of racism. In the 28th minute, called the stadionspeaker the thuisfans for the first time, to be to stop the creation of apengeluiden, and in the 43rd minute to put the referee Ivan Bebek of the race, again, still.

The players of England, announced last week, is still on the field, if there is racist speech, to be heard would be, in the center of Sofia, but such an event did not happen. The Three Lions followed that nicely with the REGULAR protocol and the decision on the field will have to remain in place.

“We have a football show, and at the same time, in a statement issued through the game twice, still have to keep them on your computer. That is, for some people, it may not be enough, but we were not in the position to meet the needs of everyone and to fulfill it,” said Southgate after the game against the English media.

“Oddly enough, after everything that had happened during the race, it was for my players to smile on the field. That’s the most important thing for me, because no one should have to go through what they have gone through. I also have a compliment, handing it to arbitration, because they had all the time to be with us in our relationship.”

A group of Bulgarian fans misdroeg is located in the centre of Sofia. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Sounds were clear to hear

Halfway through the match, when England have been on a 0 to 4-lead was transmitted Southgate and his players and staff, whether they are in the race to resume. Everyone wanted to be in the field in the second half, it was much calmer in the house, so the game continues as normal could be.

“I told the players that the rest of the field would be the steps in the second half, and yet, something was going to happen,” said Southgate. “Everyone was able to see that the peace was calmer. It’s a shame that it’s in the past is not likely to have our great game is going to go, because it was one of the first to the last minute to the top.”

For the System, it was a separate game. The 26-year-old defender played for Bulgaria, his first minutes in the shirt of England, but at the same time, one of the players who are racist, have been treated by the Bulgarian voters.

“The sounds were very clear on the ground, but it did not make me very, very much,” said the System, after the game in conversation with the BBC. “I feel sorry for the people who find it necessary to behave in such a way, and it makes me feel as proud as I am to see how the situation will be dealt with.”

“We were not distracted, and focused us on the game of football. It was, for me, is actually one hell of a night. This is the one time in my career where I’m very, very proud of ben, and in my opinion, is that it is not overshadowed by the events.”

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