Southern Baptists fight against child sexual abuse, as critics rally

Rick Woodson, Of Colorado Springs, Colo., speaking at a rally outside of the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting to be held on Tuesday, the 11th of June, 2019 at the latest, in Birmingham, Ala. The first-time participant, Woodson said through tears as she described being sexually abused by a Southern Baptist minister. (AP Photo/Julie Bennett)

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – faced with an unprecedented sex-abuse crisis, by the delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention, the national assembly voted on Tuesday to make it easier for you to use to drive out to churches which mishandle abuse cases.

The Rev. J. D. Greear, the president of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, said the SBC faces a “defining moment” that would have been a type of the church, for the generations to come.

“It’s not a distraction to the mission statement,” Greear said of the fight against child sexual abuse. “Protecting God’s children is the mission of the church.”

The SBC’s meeting comes as the U.S. Catholic bishops are gathering in Baltimore for an expansion of the sex-abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. The Southern Baptist Convention, said it was of 14.8 million by 2018, a reduction of about 192,000 from the prior year. The Catholic Church is the largest denomination in the united states, with 76.3 million users as of last year, down from 81.2 million in 2005.

The sexual abuse was a high-profile issue in the SBC in 2018, with the national meeting in Dallas, texas, after which, Greear, formed an advisory group to draft recommendations on how to deal with the problem. Greear, was unanimously re-elected for a second term on Tuesday.

Press, the SBC has been stepped up in recent months in some of the articles in the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News, claiming that the hundreds of Southern Baptist clergy and staff members have been accused of sexual misconduct over the past 20 years, including a dozen who go to the church’s task, while more than 700 of the victims, with very little in the way of justice, or a few times.

Stung by the allegations, the SBC leaders will be sent to all the delegates, meeting in Birmingham, and a proposed amendment to the SBC constitution to make it clear that no individual church could be expelled for the improper use or the coverage of the sex abuse cases. It was approved by the delegates, as was a similar proposal to the naming of racism as a reason for exclusion.

The delegates also agreed to the appointment of the SBC’s credentials committee shall review claims against any of the churches with regard to sexual abuse, exploitation and discrimination on the basis of race.

Even before this week’s meeting, a number of measures have been taken on the recommendations of the Greear of the study committee.

For example, a nine-member team, developed a training curriculum to be used by churches and seminars to help improve responses to abuse. The team consists of a psychologist, a former prosecutor, an investigator and a prosecutor, and an abuse survivor Rachael Denhollander, one of the first women of the general public against the sport’s doctor Larry Nassar, ahead of the public prosecutor’s office, which led to a lengthy prison term.

The working group is also considering new requirements for background checks on the leaders of the church, and to evaluate options for a database to outline a credible accusation of the perpetrators, even though the Baptist leaders say, it is difficult to do because of legal issues.

Outside the hall, about two dozen protesters handed out flyers of the Southern Baptists, and held signs with messages such as: “at the End of the church’s abuse cover-up” and “be like Jesus, to Take the abuse seriously & love to the victims.”

Some of the participants in a rally, ” she said, an abuse survivor and have been attending religious meetings, for a number of years. The first-time contestant, Jules Woodson said through tears as she described being sexually abused by a Southern Baptist minister.

“He stays in the pulpit. I’ve been to him personally, and he or she refuses to respond to it. So I’m asking the SBC to hold him accountable,” said Woodson, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, usa.

In advance of the meeting, there was an increase in the discussion related to the Southern Baptist Convention’s doctrine of “complementarianism,” which requires male leadership in the family and in the church.

In particular, is controversial, it is a general phenomenon of the prohibition of women teaching and preaching in Southern Baptist churches. That is recently been challenging of that policy will be Beth Moore, a well-known author and evangelist who runs a Houston-based ministry for women.

“I want to say that my own family is from the Southern Baptists: Our family has been so sick. We need your help,” Moore said during a panel discussion on Monday night. “We do not have this built-in disesteem for women, and it needs to change.”

A female representative at the SBC meeting, Alex, Hebert, ” she said, and was pleased with the denomination of the of the overall effort to be sexual misconduct.

“I think there’s a huge push in the direction of the conversion and looking forward to what we can do to prevent that from happening, and to ensure that those who participate in that” by being part of the leadership of the church, said Hebert, who has her 1-year-old son in her arms.

Hebert, 26, said she is very comfortable in her own Southern Baptist congregation, Calvary Baptist Church in Kemp, Texas, where her husband is the head of the priest.

Nathan Morton, a parish priest from South Carolina, said that he has to know that child sexual abuse is a problem that is based on personal experience, but he has to rely on the SBC’s current leadership, in order to solve the problem.

“I’ve had employees that were used by the ministers to when they were younger. The Ministers were shuttled from one place to the other. Now, there are a number of positive, proactive, problems, and solutions that have made us a larger and more powerful denomination,” said Morton, 56.


Crary reported from New York.

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