South Korea wants extra US-missile systems after raketproef North Korea

South Korea wants extra US-missile systems after raketproef North Korea

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South Korea Friday, after the most recent raketproef by North Korea, known more defence systems of U.s. origin on the territory to places. Neighboring China is deeply concerned that the announced measure.

South Korea wants four additional ant-missile systems of the type THAAD places. The placement of such American defense systems is controversial. Chine sees the measure as a provocation and says that the South Korean plan is the “complex situation” in the region will not improve.

China called on the removal of the THAAD systems to South Korea and it is surely not agree with additional missile defence, reported the Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs Saturday morning.

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The South Korean security measures to follow in consternation after a new raketproef by North Korea. The regime in Pyongyang made Friday, is familiar with success a langeafstandraket to have launched. It was going to be an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), that the whole of the mainland of the United States would be able to achieve.

The raketoefeningen be seen as an important step in the North Korean development to nuclear power. With the ICBM’s would be the country’s nuclear warheads on the united states firing. The American military intelligence expects North Korea next year will have a reliable langeafstandraket that indeed this can be used.

Military exercise

To North Korea to discourage and to show them that they North Korean nuclear weapons are “unacceptable”, America and South Korea, therefore, Friday will be a joint military exercise on the rope in the territorial waters of South Korea.

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