South Korea: “Russia acknowledges that the aircraft in South Korean airspace and were

Russia would have to admit that this week, three of the bombers over South Korea’s territorial waters that have flown and for that, apologies offered, set in South Korea. In addition, Moscow initiated an investigation into the incident, which is known to be a “mechanical problem”. Moscow, contradicts the message.

Sat night did the South-Korea for almost four hundred warning shots after three Russian bombers, two Chinese phones the luchtverdedigingsidentificatie area were gone. That area is on top of the Sea of Japan which Japan, South Korea, North Korea, China, and Russia are surrounded by.

One of the Russian aircraft, it would then be up to the territorial waters near the South Korean island of Dokdo near future. Fighter jets from the country, fired warning shots, after which the aircraft disappeared. Twenty minutes later, he returned to the bombers to return, and were warning shots before unloading.

‘Due to a technical problem, for weeks planes on their way’

According to the South Korea-Russia has said that its military aircraft’s planned route had to be followed, that is, the incident should have been avoided. Due to an unknown technical problem, it wouldn’t have happened.

The Russian embassy said that the message did not correspond to the reality. “We have to have the posts carefully studied, and the majority of them is not true,” said a spokesperson at the BBC News for a while.

According to him, the South Korean pilots, with the Russian aircraft should be communicated. “It’s not the first time that the South Korean pilots involved in the military action is over neutral waters.”

China defends in the first luchtoefening to Russia

China advocates the implementation of ‘practice’, which, according to the Asian country, the first joint luchtpatrouille between Russia and China. A spokesman for the Chinese ministry of Defense, told journalists that “the rules of international airspace, have been followed and that there are not above other countries, has been achieved”.

Japan, through diplomatic channels, both in Russia and in South Korea, to let them know not used to this kind of action in the Japanese territory. The South Korean island of Dokdo, over which the incident took place, it is also used by Japan, and claimed to be. The japanese call the island Takeshima.

One of South Korea’s national security advisor, has said that the country is in a subsequent violation, more powerful, and will react to it.

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