South Korea is one of Korea in 2045, North Korea’s breaking of peace talks, af

North Korea’s peace talks with South Korea to an abrupt end due to the joint military exercises with the united states, and will “never again” to the south to get to the table, and, writes Reuters news agency. President, Moon Jae-in, said the day before that he was in the 2045 to a single, unified Korean peninsula will.

Moon made the ruling Thursday in a speech he delivered during the celebration of South Korean independence from Japan.

North Korea is now focusing on the common practice in the united states and South Korea will see that as “prepare for war”. “We have them in South Korea, ed.). nothing more to say, and there is also no need for any more,” said a spokesman.

According to him, the collapse of the talks entirely to the South Koreans, to blame.

North Korea launches another missile

The statements by North Korea that were taken on the day that the country will once again have two rakettesten out. Two as yet unidentified projectile landed on the eastern coast of the Korean peninsula and in the sea.

They were from the eastern coastal province Tongchon go. It would have been the sixth rakettest in North Korea, within one month’s time. Earlier this week, fired the country’s two short-range missiles toward the Sea of Japan off.

The negotiations between the Trump and Kim Jong-un in the distance

The Us president, Donald Trump, and Kim Jong-un was negotiating in February 2019 at the latest on the nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

Top of went to nothing, but the two leaders have expressed that they are open to a new encounter. In the meantime, took Home the first U.s. president to set foot on North Korean soil.

The Asian country would like to be rid of international sanctions, or at least toned down look. He doesn’t want to just be a part of it, if North Korea is in a hurry with the abolition of nuclear weapons.


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