South Korea has illuminated a path for the level of quality of the testing of the chip suppliers in the middle of Japan, and the pavement state

FILE PHOTO: The logo of Samsung Electronics is seen at its office in Seoul, south korea, south africa, South Korea, July 4, 2017. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji/Photo File

SEOUL (Reuters) – a South Korean chipmakers such as Samsung Electronics, this will allow the equipment to be used to perform quality control checks on the domestic suppliers as part of an arrangement brokered by the government of china to export to the pavement.

The south Korean government has committed to the nurturing of home-grown suppliers for Samsung electronics and SK Hynix, after Japan said earlier this month that would tighten curbs on the export of high-tech materials used in smartphone displays and chips to South Korea.

“Chipmakers and their customers, and do not have more incentives to local manufacturers for their performance in the tests, but for now, it is an act of god, so that we are sure that our client companies offer these types of opportunities,” said a government official with direct knowledge of the matter.

Vendors whose products are close to completion, it would benefit from the use of the customer’s equipment for quality testing so that they can be on the market more quickly, the official added.

“Generally speaking, if you are a materials or equipment for the chip to make it to the Belgium semiconductor research institute, it is called EVEN before the test. It takes a lot of and it may take more than nine months to complete the development prior to the sale,” the official noted.

Samsung and Hynix were not immediately available for comment.

Another official said that such a plan would be a part of the government in the short term, policies for the control of the Japanese export curbs, while major chipmakers decide to make use of local products or not.

After Tokyo, the limitations of the government officials are saying that the South Korean government is committed to the publication of more detailed plans later this month to support the country’s semiconductor industry.

The country’s ruling party, has said that it will be up to $255 million in an extra budget is aimed at the support of the mass-production of items that are in the country, has been used to import from Japan, mainly in the chip sector.

Reporting by Joyce Lee; Writing by Ju-min Park; Editing by Muralikumar Anantharaman

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