South Bend cops warn of “mass exodus”, as the morale of the tanks on Buttigieg dealing with shooting

nearvideo Indiana GOP calls mayor Pete Buttigieg to spend a lot of time away from South Bend

Campaign “Trail Mix”: a spokesman for South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg 2020 presidential campaign says the candidate was in the state several times a week.

As South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg commands involved national attention with his media-savvy presidential candidate, but the firestorm back home over an officer’s shooting shows no signs of soon-with the mayor facing criticism not only from protesters, but the police, who say that his handling of the morals and risks being crushed, a “mass exodus” from the force.

“The morale here has been terrible. We don’t do anything,” a policeman, a 20-year veteran of the force, told Fox News. “We call ourselves the fire, we sit around in the Parking lots, until we called, and then we go on the call, because if you say or do something wrong, then you get hanged.”


“At an all-time low,” another officer Moral said. “It really is discouraging and hard to get to work lately.”

The officers asked not to be identified for this story in fear of retaliation by the mayor and the administration. But she said on Fox News that you know of several officers that are considering the submission of your badge or taking rest, if warranted, in response to the mayor, the processing of the images.

“This is the great debate … is who stays and who goes. I think you are going to see a mass Exodus, our government is a joke,” one officer said.

South Bend Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President Harvey Mills told Fox News that he has spoken to five or six officers, the “serious” retirement or resignation because of the administration’s handling of the recordings. An officer told Fox News that he believes as many as 10 people finish in the next year, and said he has gone as a stepping.

“It is very discouraging that something, wanted to do something I’ve always been that God called me to do, that I question, and wonder, thinking not as a police officer strictly because of the politics and the things that are happening, the said completely outside of my control,” he said.


Buttigieg, have long had a strained relationship with the officers in South Bend, but the ratio has deteriorated significantly since the shooting death of Eric Logan — the black — white officer Sgt. Ryan O’neill.

According to investigators, O’neill was called to a report of someone breaking into cars and met Logan O’neill, the bears supposedly a knife. According to the authorities, O’neill Logan shot to have after he approached him with the knife and ignored repeated demands to drop, the South Bend Tribune reported.

But O’neill’s body, the camera is not on, it was to confirm his account, and the skeptics of the Department of account have blasted officials of the city, fueling a fire storm that has always pulled back Buttigieg out of the way, with the crisis at home to deal.

O’neill stepped in last week with the FOP said in a statement that “job stress, the action, the national attention of the media and the hateful things said on social media is difficult for O’neill and his young family.”


Buttigieg has claimed that he has not taken sides, but in the midst of angry protests back home, he is not against the narrative that the shooting is connected to the police of racism. In a NBC News presidential primary debate this month, Buttigieg, the rotation is described as a “black man killed by a white officer” and said he “could go through all the steps we did, by the bias-training for de-escalation, but it did not save the life of Eric Logan. And when I look into the eyes of his mother, I have to face the fact and nothing I can say will bring him back.”

“Until we move the work of the police from the shadows of the systemic racism, whatever, this particular incident teaches us, we have the bigger problem of the fact that there is a wall of distrust, to a racist act at a time, not only what in the past happened, but of what is happening around the country in the present,” he said.

Buttigieg has also come under fire from the black residents, who think he has not done enough to reform the police, and pelted with criticism from angry residents was, in the last month.

But it was the repeated references to the “shadow” of racism in law enforcement (he said in June that “all the work of the police and all of American life playing in the shadow of racism”), that particularly upset the officers.

“For me, it’s like he’s so Sergeant O sentenced’neill, before anything was yet, make comments like,” an officer said. “It was not based on the facts of what happened, as we what is really happening all the facts.”

“It is like pouring gas on the fire,” the officer.

“I feel like we are guilty until proven innocent,” said another.


An officer warned that it will replace substantially on the recruitment of good new officers: “When you see the policies and the way police treated the officers, by the media and by politicians, such as it is, why would anyone want to take on this task now?”

Buttigieg campaign did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News. South Bend and the police in a statement, described the officials as “professionals who regularly go above and beyond to serve the community.”

“We do not comment on anonymous speculation and rumors,” the statement said.

Officers have also resisted what they see as the implicit debt by Buttigieg for O ‘Neill’ s body camera, with the argument that O ‘ was followed by Neill, police-policy, the Buttigieg should have been signed as mayor. You say it didn’t turn on automatically because the car lights up, and he would have little time to turn it on manually, if Logan appeared and immediately moved toward him with a knife.

“If you said in this terrible situation, he reacted exactly how we are trained” officer.

Buttigieg was clutching in the image, the hand of Logan’s mother, and reported by The Washington Post that he say a “police accountability” in March, but the officials that Buttigieg has had little interaction with them. Mills said that Buttigieg will celebrate at the General meeting, participate in fallen officer memorial, and cried a last gesture, he sent about a dozen pizzas, “lame.”

“We have 240 officers, you really need the support at every call we go on is hard on our minds and it is a lot of stress, and you do not need to know the added stress, the city administration did not support,” he said.

As for what to Buttigieg, the how to fix the crisis with police officers, mills, could be back urged him, his officers, be more involved and see the good work they do: “the work of the police, the community keeps you safe, and if our officers are afraid to do their Job, because they fired maybe or criticized, and the media pounding on your door, it’s just that we only have to support them, even if it is a small Pat on the back every once in a while.”

Others see an unsalvageable situation. “I don’t think he ever fix the damage he has done,” an officer said.

A police officer said, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that some of the officers were thinking to get bracelets with “WWPD” on it-which stands for “What Would Pete to be?” — so you can think about what the mayor wants you to do if you receive a call: “Because to get rid of anyone who … front and center outside of our police with a megaphone on his shoulder again.”


Officers also warned of the increase of crime as cops are less motivated. Mills feared that officers hesitate in a crucial situation.

“They are less likely defend themselves, and that makes me afraid, because we don’t want to have 15 officers on our memorial wall, and I certainly, add a 16,” Mills said.

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