South American countries divided over an alleged coup d’état in Bolivia

South American countries divided over an alleged coup d’état in Bolivia

The South American neighbouring countries of peru, are divided over the situation in the country, where president Evo Morales on Sunday his resignation was submitted. The allies of Morales to approve the alleged coup d’etat was declining.

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro calls on the allies to Morales, and to protect, and the Mexican government would be willing to be in order for the president to absorb, if necessary. Morales, however, has no asylum request.

The new president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, and the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel also spoke of their support for their Bolivian ambtsgenoot, as well as the governments of Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The other neighboring countries of Bolivia, including Brazil and Peru, as well as nearby Colombia, in condemning the state of affairs in the country is less and less. Colombia and Peru want the elections to be legal will be. Brazil is going to bring to the fraudebeschuldiging against Morales, and says it is a “transition” to support it.

After weeks of protest in Bolivia, announced by Morales on Sunday that he has given his resignation letter to the parliament, as he did. Even vice-president Álvaro García, and the senaatspresident Adriana Salvatierra steps. In a comment on Twitter that said to Morales that there was an “illegal” warrant of arrest against him was issued, however, the Bolivian police have denied this.

Unrest in Bolivia, since the election in October

Morales claimed on October 20 that the election to win it. The day before, it was the voices, however, without a clear explanation, stopped, and, where allegations of manipulation and fraud, to Morales, though.

The president, who has been around since 2006 and is in power, wanted to be in his fourth term. His main rival, Carlos Mesa, was accepted did not receive the results and demanded new elections can be held.

The rank and file of the Mesa, went down in the last few weeks, many of the streets in the last few days were police departments in three major cities, with the protesters. Morales refused to step down, and called it a coup d’etat. He was open to the public for re-election.


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