Sources and a Consistent throwing with mud: “I’m going to show you how weak he is

Badr, Hari, and Rico Verhoeven will have it on Thursday at a press conference, a lot of the other on the stick, got it. The two heavyweights met for the first time in the run-up to the battle at the end of december.

A large pair of black sunglasses and a sweatshirt with ‘Badr Army’ uses of Sources (34), the stage is set up in Utrecht, the netherlands. His emergence was met with great acclaim by many of the fans in a great venue, not only to journalists, was filled. Shortly afterwards, it was followed by the emergence of a Turkey by members of the public, it was booed.

“Well, you’ve got the boys all paid to be here, for you to come and sing?”, the early Turkey (30), at the stage of Sources. “You an ‘Badr Army’ is required to have in order to help you, pretty much says it all to be enough. I am a eenmansleger, and do it all on their own. It’s a problem for you, Badr, is now in the ring, you are going to help you. You, too, will be all you need to do.”

Hari laughed at the words of that Turkey off. “Before we fight, there were very few people of today’s hearing,” said the Moroccan. “When it came to the Badr Hari is golf and he has a lot of meegesurfd.”

“As he became known, made a couple of appearances, and earned a lot of money. I’m happy for him, but now, three years later, it is going to stop that. On the 21st of december, I’m going to show you that he is actually a very, very weak.”


Sources: Rico, you will see how strong my bones are”

“I feel fitter and stronger than they were three years back

It was the first time since their fight at the end of 2016, and that the Sources and the Consistent weather is in the same room with them. During the course of that fight was Hari early in the battle, strike with an arm injury.

“I’m a lot better prepared than then; more fit and stronger”, he continued, Hari, who have throughout the years been involved in litigation, and also has a dopingschorsing has expired. “Now, I’m 100 per cent focused. I was at the time. I have seen a lot of judges have seen it and had to have it when the other fights to deliver. Each and every world-class athlete had to focus on one thing, and that is a luxury I didn’t have.”

Hari wouldn’t mind if he is that ‘other ‘ battles’ reputation has suffered. “I do not see myself as a bad guy. That is, the media, and even though I have, of course, a lot of ammo to bring to shoot. But I didn’t mind at all. Batman has The Joker in a starring role. If (Verhoeven, ed.). the good man wants to play, and I’m being put as the bad guy, I think it’s just fine.”

The title is not in the game

Even though the next battle is not an official title for the game, it feels like it’s for both of kickboksers, however, if there is a big price to forgive. Turkey has, for the past five years, the world championships have been held. “But what if I lose it, where Badr was such a miracle to see this happen – I’m going to have absolutely no title to feel.”

“I can do that belt will give you. If I were to lose not only physical pain, but also mentally. It doesn’t matter that there was no title on the line.”

Even Hari does not find that the lack of a title shall not affect the fight. “You want to have any fight, win, and be sure of this. I will be there to fight.”


Sources and be Consistent and keep staredown at press conference

Hari is back with the trainer Passenier

Hari has announced a couple of months ago that he would be leaving with the trainer, Mike Passenier, but at the press conference, he made it known that he is now back with his old coach. “It is useless to me, for my coach, because Mike and I are still working together. We can never be together, away from here.”

Also, Turkey was under the assumption that the Sources had broken up with Passanier. “Have you been back to be swapped? That shows just how insecure you are. As a sign of weakness.”

The fight between the Sources and the Turkey is on the 21st of december in the GelreDome stadium in Arnhem, the netherlands.

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