Soundos El Ahmadi: “your mouth is good for your development’

Soundos El Ahmadi has over the years learned that an error making is good for your development.

“It gives a lot of turmoil in your life, but I would not want it,” says the 37-year-old comedian in the AD. “I’ve learned the turmoil, to embrace. Unrest ambition. Not something annoying or so. To be ambitious is not bad, not ugly.”

The few months in 2016 that El Ahmadi as huiscomedian in The World Runs By, sees them as a period in which she her mouth went. “Yes, and that was very good for me”, she looks back.

After just a few months she stopped. “Look, you have to have balls to try something new. But you also need to have balls to say: guys, this just doesn’t work.” That decision came from El Ahmadi itself and not from the editors. “I always pick what I do.”

“In the beginning I had all of the audience is not heard, their sound is not amplified. Only the table host and Matthijs. So that is weird. That I wanted to actually change. And I noticed that it was very difficult each week on current events. After three months, I thought: it’s been good.”

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