Sophie Hilbrand on the new program: “There is a lot of distrust’

Sophie Hilbrand is in its new program to counter Insurgency, in conversation with citizens and local governments who are involved in a profound conflict. The hostess saw them with my own eyes, that the two parties are often very difficult to resolve disputes.

In Insurgent, it is that, in contrast to similar programs such as mobile Courts, will not be the main goal, that is, there is a solution to the conflict. “The idea is that we have to figure out what happened, how it happened and how it will be in the future and will continue to evolve. All parties have to be in the word alone.”

Hilbrand, who was the program’s career as a Sophie In The Mental Creases, and has a lot to with the conflictenthema. “The problem is that you would like to fix it, but that is not the purpose of this program. I tend to have the problem from all angles to understand it. If someone has an argument describing, sounds like it’s already fast enough, so you can’t get everyone to agree to. In this program, you should be proud to let go of, and engage in dialogue with them. And that’s also good for me.”

The programme consists of four episodes, which according to Hilbrand is not difficult to get the good cases are to be found. “There is an incredible amount, and there is always something going on which people don’t agree with it.”

“People are finding that they can’t be heard

In the first episode, we visit Hilbrand her home town of Bergen, where citizens and board members for a number of years in conflict. The reason behind this decision was that the uithuiszetting, a plasterer, who for many years was allowed to live, but all of a sudden summoned to the family home – a converted kippenschuur – out…. As a result, a resistance movement, that of corruption and arbitrariness on the part of the municipality, on the net, wanted to put.

What Hilbrand stated, during the creation of the program, is that a lot of people want to change something, but you are not really being heard. “People are genuinely interested in what the other person has to say. But if you really listen to it, you have to find a solution. A lot of people have the impression that the city, but we do like people to have a say.”

Hilbrand, it seems difficult to control

On the other hand, municipalities are also to be blamed for that, and that they have reached the have been. “There are some decisions that are probably a lot of people don’t agree with that, but would need to be addressed. There is a lot of mistrust, if you are not on the line is taken, it is measured in two dimensions?”

Hilbrand commended the passion of the people that rise up, but she also has an appreciation for the city council members. “It seems to me to be very, very difficult to control. You need to be constantly listening to the needs of the people, and to find solutions to search for, and sometimes not-too-popular measures.”

As a follow-on Insurgency to see Hilbrand, however, in the near future. “I have all the messages from people who are in a battle with the church, but there is enough of that. It is important to have a program like this, because of the regional journalism is less and less money. The citizens are to be empowered, to take that task on, you will see that.”

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