Sophie Hilbrand is working on talk with Filemon Wesselink

Sophie Hilbrand, who had previously been let to know of a talk show, wish to present a talk, present, Filemon Wesselink.

“It is very nice it is,” says the host of “We are still in the psychological aspects of the programs that we have here.”

Hilbrand, and Wesselink created a similar program. The show made more of Sophie in the Mental Creases on issues like burn-out, and a program about anorexia. Wesselink, was to be seen in It’s autism, which he set up his own diagnosetraject the lens.

In addition, Hilbrand, and Wesselink friends since 2005 when they, along with the program, using a syringe and Swallow it with each other is presented. “We are now in the process of development”, is going to Hilbrand further. I will be sure to come, and later we are going to tell you exactly what it is.”

In response to the NPO and have no details to release about the program. Presumably, that will be in the next few weeks to do so.

Hilbrand could not be found in the plan for the future NPO,

There is a big chance that the speech will be broadcast on NPO3, and the channel on which a large part of the programs, Hilbrand, and Wesselink were to be seen. In the future, NPO3 is going to be there by 2021, however, a different look and feel, now that the government has decided that the station is regional in nature. Also, there will be no ads will be aired until 20: 00 o’clock in the evening.

“NPO3 is doing well with the audience, and there is great drama to be broadcast. It seems to me that all of the plans in The Hague, not a single time it is entered into in order to see what they are seeing,” said Hilbrand about it.

“And no publicity during the day, to have children, and do not damage caches at all for anything else. The children are sitting during the day at school and there are a lot of on YouTube. Leave the station in a state that is often a successful, substantive programs for this audience create.”

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