Soon all the world champions in eighth-finals?

If Brazil and Germany will qualify in group E and F, then all the countries that ever world champion were, in the last sixteen – not present in Italy, of course. Or that attractive duels results, is the question.

Edinson Cavani of Uruguay. ‘La Celeste’ was in 1930, the first world champion football © Belga Image

At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia, seven of the eight world champions since 1930 represented, only Italy has placed itself not for the world Cup. Two-time world champion Argentina climbed Tuesday night through the eye of the needle, but fighting still. Uruguay (world champion in 1930 and 1950), France (1998), England (1966), Spain (2010) have come up previously in the last sixteen.

As five-fold world champion Brazil (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002) and four-time world champion Germany (as West Germany in 1954, 1974 and 1990 and unified Germany in 2014) will also succeed, then punches them all seven by the knock-out stages. The Seleçao has enough with a draw against Serbia, the Mannschaft must with two goals difference win of South Korea, is different depending on the outcome in Mexico-Sweden.

Never before since the introduction of the format in 32 countries in 1998, got so many world champions in the last sixteen. At the 2014 world cup in Brazil, they were all of the eight represented, but survived in Spain, England and Italy in the group stage. In 2010 in South Africa, where Spain’s first world title captured, started seven world champions to the tournament, but had Italy and France already after three games pack.

In Germany In 2006, reached all the six existing world champions in the knockout stage Uruguay did not participate. In 1998, there were five of the six: France won that tournament, his first world title, Uruguay was not there. In between, there was the world cup 2002 in South Korea and Japan, where Argentina, Uruguay and France fell in the group stage and only Brazil, England, Italy and Germany further bekerden.

Attractive posters(?)

Seven world champions in the last sixteen, that delivers, of course, on paper beautiful eighth-finals. So clash with France in group C and Argentina in group D on the other in the eighth-finals and after tonight, possibly also Brazil and Germany, a duel four years ago on a spectacular 1-7 ended in the semi-finals. Uruguay takes on it against reigning European champion Spain.

Or those clashes of the giants also attractive duels result, of course, is the question. European vicekampioen France could not really convince, and what Argentina showed, it is not at all to about to home to writing. Also Spain placed himself with the heels over the ditch and Brazil and Germany, for the tournament to favourites bombed, search is clearly to their best form.

Perhaps a golden opportunity for the Red Devils? Of all the world champions are convinced, so far, only England really, and that the Belgians will not re-encounter in the final…

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